Saturday 4 May 2019

Nigerian Man Killed After His Filipino Wife Alleged That He Is A Criminal

A Nigerian man identified as Ifeanyi was reportedly killed the police in the Philippines, after his Filipino wife alleged that he is a criminal. According to our source, Ifeanyi married his wife because he needed papers to set up an African Restaurant and he was never into drugs and fraud. However, things took a different twist after a heated argument with his wife, led to his arrest. It was further alleged that the Nigerian man was killed shortly after his arrest by the police, as his Filipino wife alleged that he is a criminal. 

Our source said; 

"This is what I mean when I was criticizing relationship with Filipinos. This guy is my friend who married Filipino because he needed papers to open a business. He has African restaurants that run well but had issues with his psycho Filipino. She went to the police, only God knows what she signed there, the arrest of her hubby or death sentence of her hubby. Now, look at Ifeanyi lying dead. This happened in the morning yesterday. They(police) came to his house, on an attempt to escape, he was shot dead there and then."

Here are photos below;

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