Friday 9 August 2019

Arit Okpo Is New African Voices Host - CNN

Arit Okpo, a Nigerian journalist, has been announced by CNN as the new host of its talk show programme, African Voices. 

CNN publicized the appointment on Twitter on Thursday saying Okpo would usher in a new chapter of the program named ‘African Voices Changemakers’.

“Meet the new host of African Voices – Arit Okpo (@menoword). She will help usher in a new chapter of the program dubbed African Voices Changemakers. It starts tomorrow!” CNN said.

Okpo is a media entrepreneur who focuses on presenting, event hosting, content production and writing. She had worked in the past for CNN and EbonyLife TV.

She graduated from the University of Calabar in 2002.

She has been the creative director of Menoword Media since January 2017.

Okpo, who previously worked as a school administrator in 2013, also shared her excitement about the appointment..

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