Thursday 7 May 2020

Man Dies After Overdose Of Ginger And Gallic Concoction To Cure Corona-Virus In Maryland USA (Videos)

Man who claims to be Dr.Coronavirus who boasts of having herbal cure to the deadly virus dies of ginger and gallic concoction overdoes in Hyattsville, Maryland USA.
The concern of many is that an overdose of a herbal mixture can kill the users.

So, this Cameroonian Man living in Marlboro, Maryland, USA, who referred to himself as Dr Coronavirus have died from his own medicine which was a large overdose of a combination of Garlic and Ginger. He died from Intestine perforations. So sad! 😭

Please, be careful what you consume in the name of boosting your immunity.

Ignorance is no longer Bliss.

Stay safe!

Watch Video Below

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