Wednesday 17 June 2020

Dramatic Moment Protester' Leaps Out In Front Of Boris Johnson's Jaguar As He Leaves Parliament - Before A Following Security Vehicle Collides With The PM's Car

Boris Johnson's car assailed by protestor then hit by vehicle
Boris Johnson's Jaguar car was involved in a crash outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster this afternoon following Prime Minister's Questions. A protester from a group of Kurdish demonstrators is said to have run towards the 55-year-old politician's car, before a security vehicle went into the rear of it. Photographs showed a huge dent in the rear of the Jaguar XJ Portfolio V8 LWB Auto, which costs upwards of £54,000 new, as it was driven back to 10 Downing Street.

UK PM, Boris Johnson involved in a car crash outside Parliament (video/photos)

A nearby CCTV camera captured the protester running into the road, stopping in front of a police motorbike in front of the Prime minister's vehicle and then being dragged away.

The lead car was forced to stop, with an escorting Range Rover running into the back of it in what appeared to be a minor collision. The vehicles then drove off, with a dent visible in the back of Mr Johnson's £54,000 car.

The Prime Minister's Jaguar car is dented after it was hit by a support vehicle in London today
The protester, who had been demonstrating about Turkey's operation against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, was taken into the Palace of Westminster by Metropolitan Police officers in the immediate aftermath. 

#Police officers urged the gathered crowds to stay back and a further police van was on the scene within seconds to help detain the man, who was arrested on suspicion of a public order offence and obstructing the highway. 

An activist from a group demonstrating outside Parliament's gates in Westminster today ran towards Boris Johnson's Jaguar

Police detain a man after he ran in front of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's car as it left the Houses of Parliament today

Police officers detain the man and take him into the Palace of Westminster following the incident in the capital this afternoon

The man is led away by police officers following the crash in Westminster this afternoon
The man speaks to police officers as he is taken away from the scene on Parliament Square in Westminster this afternoon
The man is taken away from the scene outside the Houses of Parliament this afternoon following the crash

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