Friday, 30 November 2012

I will NEVER understand my people - From DJ Abass's Timeline

I saw a friend off to the airport yesterday - Heathrow Terminal 4 to board an night flight on Arik to Nigeria. We arrived quite early (6.30pm) and we were directed to an area on the opposite side of the check-in counter tagged 'Repack Area'. It is now mandatory for anyone boarding a flight to Nigeria to go and weigh their baggage and get it tagged at the 'Repack-Area' before they can check-in. Now i ask myself again, what is it with us an excess baggage?

Everyone know the baggage limit but majority still choose to 'overload' and then start to repack at the check-in counter. What is so difficult about weighing ur baggage properly before you leave home? Now everyone must go thru the frustration of getting your baggage tagged in the 'Repack-Area' where delays can take up to an hour as people try to juggle items between different bags to get the right weight.

...and this phenomenon is the same on any Nigeria bound flight globally. This mal-behaviour distrupts flight schedules by creating unnecesary delays. I bet if a fine is now imposed on anyone over the limit, this behaviour will disappear overnight. But does it have to get to that stage? Simply put, it is a form of indiscipline. There's simply no excuse for this.

It's understandable if this happens with a few passengers on a flight but when its 50%+, then it's no longer funny. Pls go and get a hand held scale at your local B&Q store. It's under £3. That's my 50Pence ojare!

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