Thursday, 29 November 2012

Shocking video shows frame-by-frame murder of man who was shot TWELVE times... as mother was forced to watch her son's death replayed in court

A shocking video shows the moment a New York man was gunned down in the hallway of his apartment building.

The grainy surveillance footage offers a frame-by-frame account of the last moments of Tracy Francis, who was riddled with 12 bullets by a neighbor last October.

Mr Francis' mother Erma Francis sobbed in court along with other relatives as the video shows a man shooting her son again and again with a 9mm pistol.
Her unarmed son twitches, raises his right hand, and then lies motionless.

Though the 40-year-old was killed by the first gunshot to his chest, a medical examiner testified in court, the killer fired at him 11 more times in the head, arms, thigh and genital area, the New York Daily News reports.

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