Monday, 26 November 2012

Man Gets Penis Cancer after Injecting Penis Illegally With Olive Oil

The 50-year-old man was admitted in a Thailand hospital after his genitalia reportedly swelled to the size of a coconut. The man had to have his penis removed after injecting it with olive oil to make it bigger.

He underwent the illegal penis enlargement procedure five years ago, where he was injected with olive oil. The man’s genitals were working “just fine” until he contracted an infection from an untreated wound six months ago.

Police Capt. Dr Surat Kittisup-Porn of the Police General Hospital told reporters: “He was ashamed to visit a doctor, but the pain and the infection grew so he had no choice.”

He was admitted to a private hospital where doctors discovered he was suffering from penis cancer, which had spread to his abdomen and testicles. Medics were left with no choice but to remove his penis.

Discussing the controversial olive oil procedure, hospital spokeswoman, Sirikul Jiaranaikhajorn, said: “It only brings bad results. People misunderstand that it works. “A woman will love a man not because of the size.”

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