Monday 10 March 2014

Genius Marketing: Sony Sells Its Waterproof MP3 Player In A Bottle Of Water

Lots of products claim to be waterproof but the opportunity to put them to the test rarely arises.
And let’s admit it we’re probably too frightened to try in case the claim on the packaging turns out to be totally untrue.
However, Sony is so sure of its product it is selling a waterproof MP3 player already immersed in a bottle of water.
Although the device was launched a while ago the company wanted a novel way of marketing the product in New Zealand.So, the Japanese tech giant turned to Auckland-based advertising agency DraftFCB to come up with some inspirational ideas.

Hence the arrival of the Bottled Walkman, which is sold in vending machines in public places such as gyms and swimming pools, making purchases as easy as buying a bottle of water.
However, nobody is suggesting you try and drink the water the MP3 was sitting in.
Buy a waterproof MP3 player... in a bottle of water

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