Tuesday 11 March 2014

The Journey To Success Video By Amstel Malta - Why Did Amstel Make Mikel Obi Drink Straight From The Can?

Amstel Malta may have triggered a controversy in the subliminal message it passed across with its new ambassadors, Nigeria’s superstar actress, Genevieve Nnaji and Chelsea FC star player, John Mikel Obi.
While photograph shows Genevieve sipping the rich malt from an Amstel engraved cup, John Mikel Obi drinks straight from the can.
“Is that the way the malt drink makers want the two genders relate to the drink, a man drinking like a care-free guy, a woman doing so with a touch of elegance?”, asked a communication expert in Lagos.
” Amstel may be opening itself for the accusation of being gender biased”, noted another expert.
(Spot the Difference):
Mikel Obi sipping straight from the  Amstel can
Mikel Obi sipping straight from the Amstel can
Genevieve drinks Amstel more elegantly
Genevieve drinks Amstel more elegantly
The unveiling of the two ambassadors was done Saturday 8 March at the star-studded AfricaMagic Viewers’ Choice Awards, AMVCA, ceremony, where the premiere of the long awaited inspirational television commercials cum film ‘The Journey’ with both superstar as lead acts took place.
The new Amstel Malta TVC, centres on the inspirational journey to success of the duo.

P.M.NEWS learnt the deal was sealed earlier this year, but no word yet on how much they were paid or how long the deal will last for.
Both Genevieve and Mikel, confirmed they were excited to be part of a project that encourages and inspires young Nigerians.
“It is a honour to be a part of this. I am very excited about the opportunity this platform gives me to inspire the youths and will definitely do my best to support this noble cause,” said Genevieve who has risen through many hurdles to become one of the greatest actresses from Africa.
“I am very happy to have an opportunity like this to inspire young Nigerians to be the best they can be. Life is not always a bed of roses, so we all have to learn to make the most of it even in the midst of the struggles that we might face,” the Chelsea FC star said.
Hannatu Ageni-Yusuf, Amstel Malta brand manager, said this new project is in line with the brand’s commitment to helping young Nigerians be the best they can be.
According to her, the new TVC, which was premiered during the award night with Amstel Malta as the event’s official sponsor, was an inspiring one designed as one of the high points of the glamorous ceremony.

“It is a message to young Nigerians. A message of hope, of resilience, of ambition and the power of possibilities. We all have to prepare and plot our journeys to success and Amstel Malta is committed to empower our consumers all the way. That’s why we have constantly supported MultiChoice in rewarding the best of Nollywood through the AMVCAs,” Ageni-Yusuf said.

Credit: PM News

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