Wednesday 12 March 2014

Nigeria’s New Defense Minister Gusau Allegedly Quits

According to Sahara Reporters It all started yesterday when the Nigerian military refused to have a joint meeting with the Minister of Defense and his deputy Musikilu Obanikoro.
But according to Leadership. Gen. Gasau has denied these rumours and stated that its all false.
Update: Reasons Why Gusua Quit
Sahara Reporters say Mr. Gusau suprise decision to quit came about due to feeling a lack of discipline from the Nigerian military elite.
Sahara's Sources say that the Minister had to wait for two days for different army chiefs, They all made excuses for not wanting to attend the meeting and yesterday was the day that broke the carmel's back.
Sahara Reporters Sources say that yesterday when he summoned Nigeria’s top military henchmen, only Mr. Gusau and Mr. Obanikoro , the Chief of Defense Staff, Air Marshal Alex Badeh, showed up alone for a meeting, Even as terrorist sect Boko Haram is top of the agenda.
When Air Marshal Badeh came, he was told that all the Chief of staff within the military was expected but Badeh said there was no need for that, and that his presence alone was the collective decision of military officers in the country.
And when Mr. Obanikoro tried to intervene Badeh told him to shut his mouth,‘small boy’ and warned him that the military was not going to be taking orders anymore from bloody civilians like him,”.
Immediately after this General Gusau requested that the meeting be ended and asked his office to transmit his letter of resignation to the Presiden t after only a week on duty.
But President Jonathan has asked Senate President David Mark to make Mr. Gusau to rescind his resignation and promised to look into the matter.
However Gusau is said to be tired of all the drama and want's no more participation with the post.
Sahara Reporters state that President Jonathan had payed a visit to Gasau Abuja residence late last night to plea that the General stick to the job, but Gasau didn't allow the president in.
Mr. Gusau kept away from today’s session of the Federal Executive Council, a weekly meeting of all ministers with the president. He reportedly told aides that he could not serve in a situation where military officers would show open disdain for their civilian leaders and him an experienced retired military man.

When contacted Mr. Obanikoro who admitted there was “slight disagreement,” but said that it was nothing serious.
Mean while Senator David Mark has refused to view or read the letter to the senate because he hopes to get the General back at his post.

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