Friday, 28 November 2014

A Pregnant Woman Has Lost Her Eye After Being Shot W/ Bean Bag In Ferguson

Early Tuesday morning, Dornella Conner was “riding around, respecting Mike Brown” with her boyfriend De’Angelas Lee when she was injured with flying shards of glass after police officers fired into her car with specialized “bean bag” bullets, designed to help control rioters and unruly protesters. 

According to Conner, she and Lee pulled up at a gas station, and were blocked off on all sides by approaching police officers before one of them fired their weapon, injuring Conner in her face. However, according to police officers, Conner’s boyfriend, De’Angelas, aggressively drove the car straight at them, which is why they decided to fire the bean bag into the car to stop their approach. Broken glass from the shattered car window flew into Conner’s eye, and despite being rushed to a hospital shortly after, doctors were unable to save her left eye.
She released a statement to Facebook:
Thanks [to] all my Facebook friends for your support. Im blind in my left eye and they took it out because i got [shot] in my face … but thank god that i can see the world. Im soo thankful that im here too spend thanksgiving with my family and my kids even tho im still in pain. I will have justices for what they did too me but I happy I’m alive.

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