Friday, 28 November 2014

Meet Ghanaian Actress Who is More Endowed Than Nicki Minaj And Kim K

She is currently one of the hottest women in the whole of West Africa and after viewing these photos, you'd know exactly why. 

The VERY VERY VERY voluptuous Ghanaian actress, Peace Hyde, has been forced to speak up, refuting claims that her br**sts and buttock are so big because she has had implants fixed on her body. 

Recently speaking with Graphic Showbiz, when asked if her body features are real or not, the Protégé actress responded: 'I know I am well-endowed but I don't know why anyone should think I have done b**bs and bums job. I have had people walk up to me to ask why I have such big br**sts and buttocks and whether I have done b**bs and bums job. All I tell them is my body is natural and not artificial.' 

'I used to be very big some years ago; I had big buttocks and br**sts but with regular exercise I have reduced in size and I like the way I look now,' she added. 

Peace made her acting debut in an Alex Mouth-directed flick, Protégé where she starred alongside Nigeria's Steph Nora Okere and Wale Macaulay in 2013. 

Thereafter, she featured in the hit Ghanaian series, Adam's Apple and has since earned the Kardashian tag.

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