Saturday 21 March 2015

Company Is Working To Develop A Car That Works With Wheelchairs

Stacy Zoern has always had to depend on either clunky wheelchair vans or her friends in order to get around, because she was born with muscular atrophy. She thought there had to be another option, a more independent option. When she came across the Kenguru she thought she had found the answer to all her prayers, and while it ended up being perfect for her, there were quite a few hurdles to overcome before she owned one. 

One of those hurdles was that she wanted a Kenguru right away, and was disappointed to learn that the company didn't have the funding to continue with their testing and production. Instead of just giving up and moving on, Stacy stepped in to help. She has always been driven to overcome any obstacle in her way, and she treated this like any other challeng

In June of 2010, she created her own company in order to work with Kenguru: Community Cars Inc. She worked to find investors, and it was only a year later that she was able to merge her company with Kenguru. The company is working on manufacturing their first version of the car, which can be used by people who are able to use manual wheelchairs. They also have plans for another version that is driven with a joystick. This will be the car that Stacy will be able to use with her motorized wheelchair, as it will not require as much upper body strength.

Not only are these vehicles perfect for those who are confined to a wheelchair, but they are also economical - instead of costing up to $100,000 like specialized vans, they plan on selling these for around $25,000.

They are now taking reservations on their website in order to get an idea of how many cars to manufacture in their first production run. It looks like they are off to a great start and I hope they continue to be successful. It would be wonderful to see how their designs evolve over time to accommodate more and more people's needs.

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