Tuesday 17 March 2015

Introducing Avila: The UK's Online African Retail Store

The UK’s cultural diversity, which is most apparent in the food industry, reinforces the need for fast and flexible access to intercontinental groceries. Avila fulfils this demand, as it is the major African online retail store in the UK.  Although it was only established in 2010, the company is fast becoming popular amongst UK’s cosmopolitan residents. To many, the company is a one-stop online shop for all African groceries and an opportunity to create an identity for African food in the mainstream market.

Avila’s mission is to be the leading indigenous African brand in the UK whilst also building a platform for the collective success of African suppliers. Our strategic partnership with supermarket chain, Tesco forms part of our ambitious plan to improve the delivery of African food items across the UK.  Under this extensive distribution programme, which is aimed at ensuring Africans have access to indigenous foods wherever they live in the UK, Tesco will stock Avila products on its shelves. This partnership will deliver strong benefits to both companies, as collaboration is the new leadership.
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With the vast and ever-increasing Africans in diaspora, we need numerous partnerships to fulfil the demands of our widely spread customer base, hence the need for partnering with the most prestigious African brands in the UK. Our strategic partnership with major suppliers and retailers like Ades Foods, Liebe, Love Chin-Chin and Afrimalt would assist us with the marketing and supplying of African food through multiple online and offline channels. These alliances would also help achieve objectives that are mutually beneficial to both parties.

Avila’s online service does not only provide the opportunity to recreate favourite home dishes, but also presents nostalgic memories of flavours and tastes that brings back memories of one’s cultural background. Through our website, you can select the best array of African products comprising of fresh vegetables and a wide selection of frozen products. These include fresh ugwu, oha, moinmoin leaves, utaz, tripe (shaki), and cow leg (bokoto), to name a few. To be consistent with our premium brand, all Avila products come in top-class packaging and design. Each customer’s online shopping order will be handpicked by our high-calibre staff and delivered to any location within England, Wales and Scotland, at competitive prices. With a fully stocked warehouse and capable staff, our services are designed to meet your demand for Africa products.
Through our exclusive partnership with Tesco you can now also buy some of our range of products online via and have them delivered to your door alongside your weekly Tesco shop. 

So whether you are shopping directly on or, the Avila guarantee is, you will always get a one-stop shop shopping experience!


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