Thursday 19 March 2015

Exclusive! Reckless Lifestyles of Senator Smart Adeyemi’s 23 Yr-Old Daughter - Hooks On Drugs, Snatches Tonto Dikeh’s Lover With N20m Ride [Photos]

 The lawmaker representing Kogi West Senatorial district in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, Senator Smart Adeyemi and his wife according to feelers reaching National Enquirer are seriously having sleepless nights over the lifestyles of their first daughter Adeola
Adeola, a Law graduate, National Enquirer gathered reliably is living a life that has painted the responsible family in a bad light especially her hardworking father as she’s allegedly totally out of control and has chosen to be the ‘spoilt silver spoon kid’.
Adeola's customized hookah
Deola, according to sources within the family, has not only imbibed the habit of drinking to stupor but also a chain smoker of substances ladies of her age (23) would never dare.
during her last trip to the UAE
“She has this certain  clique who are mostly UK born like her that has chosen to live life the way they like in spite of her parents’ moral standards and position in the society”, Our source slammed.
“Can you imagine a daughter of a notable Senator publicly smoking Shisha (drugs) in a customized pink AK-47 Hooker”? “I just think she is set on destroying her father’s good name or what other explanation do we have as she has everything at her disposal” the insider quipped.

Our grapevine also hinted that the chocolate skinned beauty who loves to call herself “a disciple of Jesus” might be using some of her father’s money to buy love owing to the type of affair she’s having with a Jeweler.
Her Car Val gift for Malivelihood
His Val gifts for her
“DS as she is called is currently having a clandestine affair with the CEO ofMalivelihood Luxury; Michael Awujola”, the source revealed. Remember the Jeweler who dumped Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh sometimes last year 2014?  Apparently, MA as the luxury designer is addressed quitted his affair with the Nollywood diva for the billionaire’s daughter without blinking an eye because of her father’s wealth and influence.
Deola and her Senator Dad
We further reliably gathered that Deola who resides in her father’s mansion in Panama Estate Maitama, Abuja whenever she’s in the country, has been spoiling her Jeweler lover silly especially since he dumped Tonto for her.
“She is the spender in the relationship regardless of the picture they are painting to the outside world”, “Michael is just a flash in the pan who only deceives ladies with his customized blinks”, our source explained.
Her Father's Mansion in Abuja
National Enquirer also gathered from another source that Malivelihoodis a wanted man in Dublin Ireland where he used to reside before absconding after swindling an unsuspecting lady of her hard earned money some years ago. “Could you believe the Senator’s daughter (DS) bought the jeweler-lover a very expensive ride as 2015 Valentine gift while the ‘generous’ jeweler CEO gave her candies, teddy bears and flowers!”, our source queried, “it is only a fool that won’t see that he’s into DS for her father’s money and connection ” she added.
Adeola Smart
The busty lady who cruises around town in a N48million bullet proof G-55 G-Wagon which her father bought for her only flies on business class with her lover whenever they travel out of the country. “They travel together a lot and they were recently at Dubai together”, they lodged in one of the most expensive hotels in the world, Burj Al Arab” our source disclosed.
Our source also intimated us that the jeweler, Michael is set to launch a charity foundation named Setting it Straight which he co founded with Deola. However, there are whispers that the jeweler’s intention is to use the billionaire heiress apparent, Deola again and this time, his aim is to exploit her father’s contacts.
Deola sitting on her G55
On the other hand, a close family friend who claimed anonymity informed your darling National Enquirer that the Senator and his wife are experiencing parental challenges as Deola is gradually becoming a strong influence on her younger sister Gbemisola.
the love birds

“Why she has chosen her wayward ways is totally beyond them. Her father is presently running the 2015 race…he is a hard working and generous man. In fact the man who’s believed to be the richest Senator in Kogi State has donated up to N400million for various empowerment projects in his district” the insider said. There are backlogs and more of Deola’s alleged drugs story, we shall be bringing you more in our next edition.   

Via - National Enquirer

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