Saturday 17 December 2016

America's Vengeful Lovers Are Using Facebook And Twitter To Give Exact Details Of Their Illegal Immigrant Ex-Partners For Trump, Deport

Thank you tour: As well as speaking in Wisconsin, the president-elect is being sent suggestions on social media of who he could deport - and how to find them

Spurned lovers are taking revenge on their exes - by asking Donald Trump to deport them on social media.
Angry ex-girlfriends and boyfriends are posting complete addresses of their former partners and saying they hope that the President-elect will kick them out of the country.

They are telling Trump where their exes work, security passcodes to get into their houses and instructions about which door to knock on.
One said that his ex was the 'last door on the left' and another said it was the house with a palm tree in front.
The dozens of posts on social media have sparked a huge debate online with some calling it cruel - but many others have applauded it.

Another wrote: 'Did he move yet or go under protection lol. Ahhh' to which the original poster replied: 'Girl, I'm just waiting for the messages when he sees this'.
On Facebook another man wrote: 'I hope Trump doesn't deport my ex who lives on XXXX. San Antonio, TX. Security passcode: XXXX. The dogs are tied up after 9pm'.
A woman wrote: 'I hope Donald Trump don't deport my ex XXXXX that stays at XXXX. he illegal with no papers and sell drugs out the bando next door with all types of illegal guns and drugs'.
Among the comments was: 'That's cold, why you didn't say that when you were with him'.
One man asked Trump to deport his Mexican ex-girlfriend and added: '#runmaria'. A man in New York gave detailed instructions about where his former girlfriend lives and wrote: 'Can't miss it!'
In a comment below he wrote: 'My ex is such a nice woman when she's not playing games or being bipolar or yelling at me. Lol'.
Another man wrote that he was 'praying that Trump once in office doesn't deport my ex that lives on , if she's not there she's at work downtown at XXXX'.
One post said that Trump was unable to help him. It read: 'Wish I could deport my ex....sadly he's legal'.
On Twitter there were similar appeals to the President-elect.
One man wrote: 'I REALLY hope @realDonaldTrump doesn't deport my ex who lives at XXXX Orlando. It's easy to spot. There is a palm tree outside.
Another wrote: 'I hope Donald Trump doesn't deport my ex Dominican girlfriend who lives at XXXX New York'.
One woman wrote: 'I hope Donald Trump doesn't deport my ex, who is from El Salvador who lives at XXXX near Orlando'.
Another man wrote: 'Mr Trump, plz dont deport my ex gf, who lives at XXXXX, 3rd floor (last door on the left)'
One man said that his ex was living in a red brick house in Texas where 'her back door is always open'.
A man in Florida wrote: 'Oh no! Trump please dont deport my ex-boyfriend XXXX, apartment number XXXX'.

Since his shock election last month Trump has said that he will be happy with a mixture of fencing and a physical wall on the border with Mexico.
The 700 miles that are covered by a wall are a mix of giant barriers, walls to stop traffic and 'virtual walls' with infra red sensors and patrols.
In a CBS interview Mr Trump said that he would throw out between two and three million illegal immigrants immediately.

After the border is 'secure' he will decide on the rest who are still in America.
He said: 'After the border is secure and after everything gets normalized, we're going to make a determination on the people that they're talking about who are terrific people, they're terrific people but we are gonna make a determination at that.
'But before we make that's very important, we are going to secure our border'.

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