Thursday 8 December 2016

Girl Exposes Cheating Boyfriend On Facebook, He Instantly Turns It Around On Her


Break ups are notoriously messy. It’s the parting of two people who have been closer than close for a certain length of time, and when foul play is involved – shit always hits the fan. The Internet is full to the brim of cheated lovers throwing their one times boo’s possessions out a window, or selling their luxury cars on the cheap; but when the couples’ dirty laundry is aired in the public domain, things are always at their messiest. 
If you ever wanted an example of why breaking up on Facebook is a terrible, terrible idea… it’s the awkward AF story over the page.


By the sounds of it these two are as bad as each other. The ‘you did it first’ argument doesn’t really stack up. But despite the public embarrassment these two received, in the grand scheme of things they got off lightly. Especially when you consider these incredible responses to cheating spouses. Just wow.

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