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Opinion: A Sign Of The End Time - “Welcome To C. C. C. A Church Called The Last Ark Of Salvation But Presently The Ark of Destruction. - Celestians Reaction On Facebook

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This was culled from the timeline of a Celestial brother on Facebook through Kayode Ajala's Timeline. Kayode Ajala, a romance journalist  was the former Hints magazine editor before starting his own Hearts magazine. 
He said "It’s really something all of us must take cognisance of."

“Welcome to C. C. C. A church called the last Ark of Salvation but presently the Ark of Destruction.
Surprised? Yes, you should be. The question in your mind is that is this another Pentecostal individual trying to criticize Celestians? No. I am a true born Celestian.
Aim of a church is to win souls take it or leave it. Only a church worthy of Celebration of it anniversary and harvest is a church that can boldly say through their activities and behavior for a year, they have won souls. But it is written that “by their seeds you shall know them”. If you have a church’s anniversary pamphlet, go and check it out, is there any program like evangelism or soul winning event? Out of 100% this year’s anniversary, maybe 5% would state an evangelism program. That’s how you know a true Ark of Salvation. We are now shadowed by the things of the world. Why am I writing this? Celestial Church needs revival. I’m not talking about few hours’ prayer revival but the Holy Spirit interventional revival.
I saw something today 22nd of Nov 2016 and I shook my head, what did I see? It was a church anniversary and their harvest week program and one of the guest artistes invited is Taye Currency (a well-known fuji artiste) and other secular music artistes, just call your church a club house and it will be noted. What is he coming to sing? Please tell me. It is not Celestial Church but now Terestial Church.
I couldn’t defend my church, why? Because, I was listening to radio station with some Pentecostal members and a well-known Shepherd was on air (a well-known radio station in Ibadan city) weeks ago; and it was obviously difficult for him to preach; I can recall a statement he made, “I can’t heal a mad man, but I can do spiritual (blessings) works for him”. Please what is the primary aim of a Christian? To win souls. But what is the man preaching? Spiritual works that is what he is preaching. What does a mad man needs spiritual work for?
I went to a Celestial church and my companion asked me why I didn’t take my Bible and jotter. I answered and said you will know soon. I only took my small notepad and a pen. We got to the church and I penned down the lessons. During the sermon time, it was just story time for us all. We left the church and I asked my companion has her question being answered and she said yes. The teaching, preaching, training is no more done on the pulpit but to listen to stories. The truth is gone.
Still in Celestial church have I seen that an elder was to take the sermon only to say this statement that “I didn’t know I am to preach, I would carried my Bible” meaning what? Ark of Salvation is long gone.
It is in Celestial Church that a Most Superior Evangelist cannot differentiate between Holy Spirit and Gifts of Holy Spirit. A superior Evangelist or elder that cannot preach the word let alone teach the word.
The trait of marrying wives is now a common thing. Evangelical ministries are now a sheer show of gifts of the Spirit.
I can recall vividly, an Evangelism outreach CCCS Plautech went for this year in a village in Oyo town, it was after a day of our presence, the people started putting on their Garments (Sutanna). I can remember the statements most of the people uttered “so Celestians can preach, we think all they know is spiritual work”. Lives are in bondages, they want to be free but is it this same so called Ark of Salvation that has gone astray that want to save people? The blind cannot lead the blind.
The truth is bitter but it will set you free. The 4 reasons for Celestial division: Covetousness for money… Covetousness for Post… Fornication/Adultery… And the real source Lack of Holy Spirit.
Celestial Church of Christ needs *Revival!!!*
I am a *true Celestian.* Celestial Church’s change from Destruction to Salvation is in our hands.”

Shaleye Mathew That is. A true talk. Because nowadays some don't usually wear their ferment (sutanna ) to church Jst because sum people usually call CCC all sout of name.
King Segun Olorun Oshoffa, jowo tete wa tun ijo re see
Esther Ajayi That is true, you really tried to say the truth, but my prayers is to believe and to activate on the messages send. God will enter them and let them know the truth
Funmilayo Titilayo Observation well noted. However, the old trend is changing.
And the Change must start from all true Celestians.
Let us ask ourselves what contribution am I making to the church that glorify God?.
Example is the 2016 Lulli Concert. It was a well packaged program,the whole world was surprised and Celestial glory manifested. Let us work for the redemption of our souls.
May God revive His Church.
I believe still: Ijo yi ni yio we aiye mo.... Shalom.
Elizabeth Morgan The Lord will be with you He will empower you You will fulfill His name will be glorified Amen
Tayo Seyi Ogunlade Revival is here.... THE CELESTIAL CHURCH OF CHRIST
Aluko Oyetunde Agreed sir! Thank your! in fact, you started from one of the main sources of the many problems. Sir, it is a very common thing for most celestial 'preachers' to be bragging on the altar about 'CCC' as a denomination instead of a church. Yes, nobody who is rooted in the Bible will ever claim that any denomination is the best or the last whatever of mankind. God cannot enslaved Himself by putting His revival basically on any given denomination. I've heard many un-informed patronising preachers in ccc who instead of preaching the Bible are always busy telling the members about the superiority of CCC songs, services, practices and doctrines as the best the globally. Tell me, how will that bring any spiritual development or freedom to the oppressed? Until CCC preachers starts to focus on the 'CHURCH', the problems shall continue. the Gospel, spiritual empowerment and eternity are not about denominations but about the CHURCH. We need ministers who understand what Christ died for and that Christ is coming for a church without wrinkles...not denominations without wrinkles. Enough of un-scriptrual claims...because many are hiding under this useless canopy to mislead many souls. Alas, many accepted CCC, but they never even bothered to accept Christ at all. They have been made to think that it is all about denomination.
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Michael Fọlọrunsọ Celestial was and is called the last Ark of salvation by Jehovah and it remains so till this day no matter how any man does says or acts. It is spiritually erroneous to tag it Ark of destruction no matter what point we are trying to make. The salvation of celestial is of no man's design or call,our hymn says man has no power over this church. May the spirit of the lord guide us all. You made a valid point with the wonderful observations raised which is pitiful but at the same time we must be careful in our choice of words and also understand its effects and implications. Thanks
Clement Adebayofamola I want everyone to know that celestial church is not a bible church it was not founded on human knowledge of the scriptures it belongs to christ himself which means it is a spiritual church which depends on daily guidance from the holy spirit the church problems started after the death of papa oschoffa when the leaders of the church refuse to follow the dictate of the holy spirit by appointing the next pastor thru heirrachy they have forgotten that after moses God Chose Joshua A Very Young Man To Lead Israel Not Aaron Who Was Next To Moses In Rank That Was The Turning Point For This Great Church And Evangelist Owodunni The Chairman Of The Board Of Trustees Tried His Best To Bring Them Back On Track But They Refused And Labelled Him A Rebel Before Taking Them To Court To secure A Landmark Judgement Against Supreme Bada And The Church Instead Of Them To Retract And Follow The Church Constitution By Letting The Holy Spirit Choose The Churhs Pastor They Still Used Their Human Knowledge Again
SUnday OLufemi Sofowora Michael may God bless u. A Yoruba adage says if a child has not visited another person father's farm,that child will say his father's farm is d biggest. Whoever wrote that CCC is a church of destruction should quickly go for three days fasting for for...See more
CeleAgidingbi Ybf Ijo yi ni yio we aiye mo
aje oso yio wariri labe agbara Ijo yi
Awon angeli bu sayo Iyanu fun Oko ikehin
Halleluyah ni ohun Orin wa.
Aluko Oyetunde The Errors are manifesting even in our comments! the Gospel is not about any Denomination please! No denomination on earth is PERFECT as someone in his comment asserted. Christ is coming for a perfect Church, not a perfect denomination. Who are the church? they are those who are worshipping God in truth and in spirit in Anglican, RCCG, Methodist, CCC, Deeper life...and all other bible based denominations! the Gospel when strictly viewed thru denominational glasses leads to monumental errors. The whole denominations are sick, but thank God we have remnants who are serving God across denominations, and they are the church! Our Gospel is not about Denomination but about Christ and Eternity. No man shall make heaven thru denominational rules and traditions. In fact, God does not answer one's prayer based on adherence to some given practices. When we focus on the Gospel which Christ died for, as against unprofitable religion assertions, then we shall become fruitful. I have no single second to waste on defending or preaching against or in support of any denomination, I preach Christ alone. Some are so desperate for denominational is a lie, the true revival of God is always Church based. May we not waste our time on unprofitable religion/denominational sentiments
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Ogabi Akapo Emmanuel I am very sorry for a true celestian posting this kind of a comments into the internet it is a blasphemy against yourself , what you prophess to believe . Oh Christ oh my king .
If you can view your own celestial as this rough and dirty alass! My celestial is ever new per seconds every day till the eternity . (Jesu emi yio sin o .) Remember many were called but few were chosen . lse oluwa kole baje . sorry ooo
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SUnday OLufemi Sofowora EVANG Ajala l know u are a renowned evangelist and a builder. Washing our dirty linen in d open is not encouraging for it pulls down and every denomination has its own shortcomings because they are operated by human so Celestial is not exempted. The entire Christian domain needs spiritual overhauling and that is why God anointed people for d assignment. The person that wrote concerning Celestial failed to recognize that God is showing him d damage he is to repair but because he is a baby in d field that is why he wrote in that manner. He suppose to thank God for d grace to understand and then pray for power to carryout d assignment. As for me oh,l will never throw stone to Celestial Church that saved me and make me what l am today preparing me for His glorious kingdom,we shall be their by His grace IJMN
Kunle Hamilton @SUnday OLufemi Sofowora... yes that exactly is my observation... This thread of our views is a further damage to the CCC image we all should labour to repair within and outside. The writer was saying the right things in the wrong way and place.... on Facebook ke?
Alonge Michael Well, my submission is that if we are saying issues like this shouldnt be brought to the public court, where else can we capture the attention of the larger Celestial Church fold. I stand to be corrected though, My boss of life @ Kunle Hamilton, if we have been this open minded about things, properly the bad eggs amongst us would have mend their ways and we wouldnt be here today talking about this. when i started out on, the initial mission statement was to project the image of Celestial on a positive light but sirs, i had to detour in correcting some abnormalities and excesses of our people by hitting the hammer on the nail. If the knowledge of been exposed was instilled in us, i think people would be a bit careful of what they do or say as members of the church.
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Abidemi Opeoluwa Okeowo Daddy Ajala, but what are your expectations from our dear church when most, I mean 80% of the church parishes are being led by total bible illetrates.. these so called shepherds aren't on the path because some of them don't know they way while some find it difficult to discipline themselves to walk on the path and they are expected to lead the church on the right path of righteousness. . ( I believe" what you don't have, you can't give") and there's no time I stand before my bible class to give lecture that I don't mention the issue of different elders coming up every Sunday to preach.. I see them as ppl that need help . .. they can't even help themselves and the doctrine says they should help ppl. I wish I can say more but..... hmmmn
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SUnday OLufemi Sofowora @Alonge Michael l perceive u are a publisher,if am right,what do know of giants in d field like Kunkle Hamilton and Kayode Ajala. It is a good work to make Christ and d church known to d world,if in d process we discover certain wrongs we must be wise not to destroy what we are supposed to build. Please learn from good elders.
Niyi Tabiti Sir, i went through the write up and submissions of various people here.I agree with the content but i take exception to the use of word ''Ark of Destruction". Every church has its shortcomings.Even Redeemed and MFM has their own.The major problem is that whatever happen in Celestial usually ignite gossip very fast. One of the problems with CCC is that there is no uniformity in doctrine. 'Landlord' shepherd for instance can decide to add or remove something from the doctrine with little or no resistance from the headquarters.Finally, i went to the CCC seminary recently,it is a poor set up. We need to invest more into bible teachings to produce people who will interpret the bible with the right meanings.
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Alonge Michael Niyi Tabiti thanks colleague. You have said it all.
Hadjia Alimath Leigh hmmmmm this is babaric,! To say the fact what is Taye currency song doing in the spiritual church of God? i was once a member of the CCC as a Superior senior prophetess l left CCCdue to the act of non chalant attitude towards the Holy Spirit among our elders over decision making. Sebi Jesu ChrisI NI Emi Mino awa eniyan nijo. Celestian beware !!!
Alonge Michael You can put this straight to anyone, celestial will never be one, maybe in another world. This is a church that is being governed by the Holy Spirit, (Emi Wi) but we have failed to follow the way of Emi, and we are left with reprobate hearts, Romans 1:28 and you expect Emi to still direct the ship of the church. We are too many to go to heaven, the division will cause chaos, this will automatically separate the wheat from the shaft and those who are marked to benefit from the the message of Christ in John 17 will have their full inheritance. From every 12 Disciples, there will always be one Judas Iscariot.
Fisayo Joel Jackson Hmmmmm
Am still reading....
Very good points though but the word "Ark of destruction" is too heavy....See more
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Adedeji Oduba Our hymn - hymn 694 says it all. As a true follower of Christ our mission is tripatrite. We have to first work for the purification of our souls. Have you ever wondered why this is key to our walk as a child of God? An impure soul cannot win another so...See more
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Kunle Ogeyingbo He that was has come he will finish what he started. His spirit will upon his name he will perform signs and wonders.woo I saw a sea of people in white garments. The new celestial .
Adebo Oluwafemi Hmmmm,ododo oro.
Ṣobọ Ṣowẹmimọ Dear Kayode,

Thank you for sharing this writeup by a concerned Celestian. I am not a Celestian in practice (I attend MFM) but I know a lot about CCC and I have a long-standing and deep-seated affinity to the Church. I have found myself defending the Church when members of other denominations tend to denigrate it as a result of ignorance. This probably is due to the fact that I was born in the Church over 51 years ago and my first 18 years of life was spent there. Papa knew my late Mum personally and we attended the "Ami Ororo" service by the Ajase beach twice in the early Seventies from our Ijako Parish in Abeokuta.

I can understand your impatience with Clement Adebayofamola's claims above. However, I think he raised some posers which demand throwing more light on and which are quite relevant to the focus of the original post, which is whether Celestians are departing from the core values of the Christian faith.

Let me quote Clement verbatim in the area of my concern: "There Are Many Activities Perfomed By Papa Himself That Cannot Be Defended By The Bible Eg Green Water, Using Of Local egg And Local Mud Pot For Spitual Works. All These Activities Made Some Other Denominatios Especially The Pentecostals Call Cele Fetish."

Now, the question is: are these statements untrue? If they are not, do such practices have their root in the Bible?

Since you have been kind enough to bring up this kind of post, I think Celestial leaders with good intentions like you owe Christians that are not sure of grey areas like this (like me) the duty to clarify these things.

Yes, I was born in the CCC and I still like the Church but the truth is there are certain practices of the Church I can't confidently explain are Bible based. But if they are, I am willing to learn, my brother.

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Kunle Ogeyingbo For those of you that are struggling for power hmmmm I am sorry for you he will be stronger than you think his master will make him stronger than careful so that you are not in the way of the sword of holy Michael .he that has ears let him hear what the spirit is saying to the congregation.
Olurotimi Ogunbayo The write up of this post are nothing but the truth. It is my prayer that Almighty God of Celestial will take control of the church. Gbogbo wa la lowo nbe.
Gbenga Orisarayi @ Abiodun Ajibona, This is my take in regards to performing spiritual works with certain items aforementioned.

I recall our Lord Jesus Christ restoring the sight of a blind man by spitting on the ground and making a paste of the mud. I'm sure He could have just said "Let your sight
be restored" but the holy spirit directed him the way he went. Elijah as well threw a piece of wood into a river to recover a lost axe. I don't think there should be a limit to whatever item is used for the glorification of the name of God and the body of Christ so long as the process is not destructive. Using of clay, mud, eggs or other materials is less important. I believe the spirit of God can move you towards any direction as long as it's not destructive. Little wonder Our Lord Jesus Christ said "These things I do, greater things you will if you believe in me" I really don't know what's wrong with placing water in pots to pray, when this was what was used in many instances in the bible, including at the first miracle of our Lord Jesus Christ at the marriage in Cana. So igi si rere, yio si di rere. (Make a tree good and it will be good) anything could be used for a good result if directed by the Holy Spirit.
Thank you my friend....Abiodun Ajibona.
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Aluko Oyetunde @Gbenga Orisarayi.. you are very right sir, but hmmm, whatever one true man of God does and it works, you must expect spiritual pirates to copy. I do tell our CCC members and even in other denominations, it is so easy to find items like candle, soap, coconut, bottles of water, salt among others, the problems is this however, where is the authority to bless these things in our mouths. Ayo babalola of CAC, Oshofa of CAC, Adeboye of RCCG, Oyedepo of living faith etc can easily bless materials such as bottles of water, oil, mantle etc, and it works not because of the items, but because of the authority operating in their lives. Also many babalawos are now hiding behing ise wooli to perform rituals meant for OgunN sango and osun in many churches, and thousands of lives are being destroyed daily. Our supreme and constant power is the Name Jesus. amen
Eboda O. Michael I agree with your concern but I will encourage you to watch your chice of words. "No matter what happens" statement in quote. It never give us room or permission to call the church the name that does not befits her. I disconcur with the change of word "salvation" to "destruction".
Oladapo Alade- Apanisile Please who is the Original person that did the article? I'll be happy to know and read it. From source before I comment. Thanks.
Oladapo Alade- Apanisile Facts and differences about CCC and other churches:

1. CCC is God's plan for mankind and it's not earthly so it cannot conform or be conformed to earthly or human direction. It's solely controled and directed exclusively by God and his Angels, baba palase latorun wa ki gbogbo aye si wa riri fun jo mimo latorun etc.

2. All those who curse people who wear white garment cannot be part of heaven if they refuse or hate to wear white garment, revelation 7:9-12. So if you refuse to wear white garment now and preach against it you must wear it in heaven because it's the dress code of paradise. plus you must also carry palm fonds in your hands as a sign of victory "IDA" as stated in the above mentioned scripture that is the meaning of using palm fonds.
So whether you are reedemed winers etc you can continue to preach and hate white garment but you will be trained in CCC mode of worship and dress code if want to be a part of heaven.

3. All so called pentecostal churches were established in western countries, but there are 3 most powerful churches established by God for his people in this end time and fortunately for us God deemed it fit for Nigeria. They are CCC, CAC and C&S. All others follow western rules and tradition in all that they do but CCC follows the direction of God only. This is why these pastors can never understand CCC. The power in CCC does not exist in any church on this planet.
Some ignorant so called evangelists are now going around in CCC , they are invited to several prophet weeks and harvest and they do prayer ministration CAC style claiming since papa left the grace has gone, it is obvious these men are CAC converts who know nothing about CCC.

4. CCC is Jacobs ladder of our time and it will be around even during and after the tribulation as spoken by christ in scripture, Matt 24:21. Awon to ku foro kristi Awon to ru agbelebu re won yio ji pelu ogo nla ao wo won laso ogo ao de won lade wura mariwo ope lowo won won yio fo pade kristi na are ki yio si mu wa mo halleluyah ni ohun Orin won

5. The ministry of christ in CCC and all churches is not about amassing wealth or property or building for the church and even if we do so it must be for the use and service of God's. People, the stranger, the widow and the poor. The sole reason CCC was descended is to stop people from IDOLATRY. GOD tols papa oshofa that many Christians when they ancounter life's problems, because the true holy Spirit does not exist in these western created churches and because both black and white people go to church and still take their problems to idols, when they get there Satan puts a mark on their forehead so that when they die they cannot see christ. CCC is therefore given the power of christ to solve all human problems and heall diseases. People may wonder about the means of siritual healing prescribed by the holy Spirit in our church and think it is ritualistic in nature, but no one can tell God how or what to use to heal his people as long as christ is involved. Christ himself spat on the deaf and blind on three occasions in the bible. Mark 7:32-35, mark 8:22-25 and John 9:1-7.
Papa oshofa has also done some of these, however because the work of salvation is meant to be antagonised by the devil people will also say negative things just like they said to christ. Remember our song, bi gbogbo aye dite mo w won gbodo teriba fun oluwa eyin omo ijo mimo edide keyin oluwa. CCC will come back to its glory and fulfil it's purpose as spoken by the mouth of the MOST HIGH GOD.

6. The problems with elders, churches and others disgracing the name of the church is due to the lack of proper control of the clergy in the church. It's unfortunate that the leadership of the. Church since the second pastor suffered a lot of setback due to lack of continuity of the same heart with which papa oshofa managed the church, therefore when one of the trutees sued him it greatly affected the church and it's leadership. Many other events we cannot mention on social media which will give room for ignorant and negative comments from non ccc members. CCC is still the last boat to salvation, the power of christ is still present more than any other church on this planet, you cannot use one or two experiences in one or two parishes to judge the whole church, anyone who leaves CCC for a different church has downgraded themselves by proximity to the throne only CCC has the throne of christ present in symbolism and reality revelation 4:2 downwards, only church altar described in detail in the bible, CCC is like a spiritual hospital, as we speak more sick and people who need deliverance live in many CCC churches worldwide while most churches close their sanctuaries after service CCC is a full service 24hr spiritual clinic. There is no church like CCC therefore it will and has gone long way in caring for God's people destitute, helpless, hopeless and it's the true embodiments of the teaching of christ. The members and clergy that destroy the good image of the church are planted by Satan to stop the good work and good name of the church and soon will be dealt with and flushed out and will wither one by one, the church as I said before will be here till the coming of christ and will save many as it has already saved millions from Satan and his grip, apalase lagbala orun pe ki jo yi ma bisi etc titi gbogbo iponju aye yio fi tan laye etc. enough said for now.
Victor Adewusi The fact that the initial subject matter that gives life to this invigorating discussion contained this blasphemous sentence: "Ark of Destruction" nearly makes it impossible for me to want to contribute to this discussion. I will plead with the originator of the thread to please request the original writer to withdraw the offensive and blasphemous sentence, because it adulterated his good intention. I am of the opinion that the initial intention of the writer was to probably provoke a troubleshoot mechanism against the obvious problem confronting our God given Church, but he end up creating a troublemaking mechanism by his choice words.

The problem in the church is not oblivious to true Celestians, and not many of us can be exonerated from the problem, because instead of us working towards finding a last longing solution, we continue to dwell in the blame game. Let each of us start from our individual parishes to make things better, and let's replicate that to the district level, then, to the State level and unto the diocese level, until we get to the topmost level. Little drops of water end up becoming a mighty ocean, and million miles of a journey always start with a step. We have to be the ambassador of the change we profess.

Celestial is a Bible based church, and just like any other denomination that involves human leadership and relationships to administer, it has been diluted with human erroneous wisdom, but that in itself cannot in any way shape or form, stops God manifestations, because God is not human that HE will lie. CCC is a unique Church, and a Church of God, where HE does wonderful things for those HE has granted HIS Grace. Its existence is beyond human comprehension. 1 Corinthians 1: 1-31

I am a firm believer in Celestial Church of Christ, and my philosophy since my first day in this church is to never be a member of a parish that is singularly founded by the Shepherd of the Parish. I have only been a member of just four parishes in my entire over four decades in Celestial Church and every change of parish I have made have only been necessitated due to long distance relocations. I hate to say and may God forgive me; most atrocities that are being perpetrated in CCC today are by landlord Shepherds, and over ambitious, self-aggrandizing individuals.

Meanwhile, I will like to know from Alagba Sunday Olufemi Sofowora who in his submission indicates that he is currently touring America, which part of America is he touring? Central America? South America? Latin America? or North America? I can speak modestly for USA Diocese, and I can say we are still many miles away from the ideal place we want/should be, but little steps are being made daily and by God's grace, we will surrender ourselves as a tool of change and empowerment to God for the glorification of HIS might name. There is nothing wrong with Celestial Church of Christ, it is you and I that are the problem, and the question we as individual should asked ourselves is; do I want to continue to be part of the problem or we want to change lane and become a solution provider.

In conclusion, I will not in a normal circumstances, respond to church related issues like this on FB, because most of the time it will degenerate to name callings, degradation and other shenanigans. However, I have to honor my old friend Abiodun Jibona who drew my attention to this thread by tagging me on.

Let me leave you with this song:

Mo lo sinu Ijo Mimo, moti fowo mi Kowe Ohun rere, emi koni pada mo.

Thank you and God bless.
Ola Olakunle well,you have raised some fundamental issues that needed to be addressed and I will try to give my perspectives on those issues. I was born in celestial just like you and only recently returned to the church. Its a well known fact that most celestial pastors are not well grounded in giving sermon and neither are the elders and that's the difference between the pentecostal churches and celestial church,this is also the main reason most celestians migrate to other churches. The onus therefore is on the leadership of the church to do a thorough job of making "bible teaching or classes" compulsory for the shepherds-in-charge! As regards the practises in celestial using all sort of things that people called fetish-i have it on good authority that papa himself puts a stop to all this practises before he died and urged the pastors and other workers in church to stop same,in fact a friend of mine in my parish will say-those practises are for baby believers-its part of celestial hymn that you are to worship in truth and spirit,if you belief and you worship in spirit and truth,you will get answer to your prayers! We all know what God requires of us but our sinful nature continues to push us away from christ and we begin to look for ways of attracting God's blessing without doing the 'work' that's needed-read Deut 28:1-14,then proceed to 28:15-end. Having said this,I will like to know what you as a person has done in your parish to make it a model parish,where most of these things you have raised are not done? Like in my parish,a youth volunteer to take the bible classes from 9am-10am before service every sunday,@ first the elders will just pass by but gradually they are all coming back,understanding the word of God has little to do with age!! I take my inspiration from my friend and I try to study my bible also,if the eldersd have failed in giving celestial a good name in the eyes of the world,the onus is on you and us to show the rest of the Christian world that the youth of celestial church are more than capable of taking up the gauntlets and changing the perception of the world about our church-my parish(divine liberty-shepherd by james ASO) is a model church in our area. My pastor will tell you even if you like tie all the candle in the world,if you do not worship in truth and spirit,you are joking!!! We have lots to do as youth of celestial,if there is leadership failure in each parish,there are educated youth that could make sound contribution
Adepegba Jonathan After reading through all submission I will still say we can't be washing our dirty linen outside for we should all note that gbogbo wa LA lowo n be 2ce bi Cele ti da loni gbo gbo wa LA low on be , instead of coming to the social media with sledge hammer and start hitting the church why not start doing something of new to show others this is d right thing to do ppl likeAjala KayodeSUnday OLufemi Sofowora Kunle Hamilton Aladeseye AbrahamPius Olarewaju are using what they know to show d way and part of God to follow. Instead of all this condemnation of this great church why can't we continued to talk about the good deed by any means and you has a person trying to be a good leader by leading by example just like Nehemiah. So be the Nehemiah where ever u find yourself
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Kunle Hamilton I am humbled
Godwin B. Shonekan I, for now reserve my comment on this issue so I can give room for all to let out their opinions. I am enjoying all the submissions as I knew well why I was tagged with the posting. May God help HIS Church and bless all as we rightly express our believes. I don't wanna rush into it as those that hate to hear me would change the course of the event and made me the target of all sought of abuses, though I am not troubled about that. You'll soon hear from me. Thank you.
Alonge Michael Prophet Shonekan, this issue at hand is really not focused on anyone in particular but the generality of Celestial Church of Christ. Sir, the only enemy we have is the Devil, don't let us think someone will lampoon us for expressing our views. I don't see it in that light at all. I remember yesterday when the whole matter started, of course, this story was culled from my news site, as posted by one of my contacts on his Facebook timeline. I had people antagonizing my opinion, I allowed that to pass because some of the people who call themselves Bible scholars are actually Bible students. No one will ever graduate from the institution of the Bible, the chapter you read today will give you another interpretation when you have been led by the Holy Spirit. So, for the Word, it's not about age or social status. Jeremiah 1: 5-10. This. Should be able to change our perception about who the giants are. xxx
Arewa Deborah Gbolasere Oshoffa There is nothing the writer of this write up has written that is new to most of us here.....but what is new and alarming to me is the tag of this write of destruction.CCC's problem isn't peculiar to it but a sign of the end time.All churches where u have people worshipping are borne to see d challenges CCC is going thru.By their fruits we shall know them and we really can't seperate d wheat from d shaft now because even Christ said it should be left to the time of harvest but our enemy d devil is d sower.
Celestial is in a stage where if one doesn't stand well , even with all proclaimed righteousness u will loose it. Our doctrines aren't our problem, it is what makes us different but we aren't handling so many things well.Our administration smells of rot, wrong people in wrong places.Everyone with aspirations and hidden agendas, seeking personal glory and not glory given to God. Our duty now should be , solutions. We have apportioned blames for decades and it hasn't taken us anywhere. We need a solemn assembly, forget your rank, forget who u are....forget d history u know.kasise fun ijo Jehovah.kasi ranti Orun mimo.......God is no rrspecter of any man and nothing can change d mission of CCC...We just need to be careful of our words so we don't sin against God.A foundation has been laid and no other foundation can be made but what we build on this foundation is important.May We all be vessels of honour unto God's glory in CCC .Baba se mi ni alatunse mini ijo mimo etc
Aluko Oyetunde I always smile when people say 'spiritual church'... what do we actually mean by that? CCC and any other denomination founded by Lord thru chosen individuals past, present and still in the future are Bible Churches. As stated by the New Testament principles where 'church' was established thru the death and ressurection of Christ, all believers are expected to be filled by the Holy Spirit-thereby endured with power to live effective 'christian life' and also to bear the fruits of the Spirit. Christ Himself never ventured out until when He was filled, and he warned the disciples also to wait till they received the Holy Ghost. However, many are now hiding behind the deception of being a member of 'spiritual-churches' to practice 'voodoo' openly. We have turned magical items to spiritual items all in the name of 'spiritual'... What we do not know is this; it is very easy to get candles, water, ida, oil etc, but where is the unction to bless these things like Ayo Babalola, Orimolade, Oshofa, Ositelu must be in our lives first. A mam under the power of God can simply bless items-not even always- and release power on such items. But many ministers today are using coffins, goat-bloods etc! Is Apostolic Faith, Assemblies of God, RCCG, MFM, CAC etc not spiritual churches also? They all are because Jesus says God must be worshipped in spirit and in truth. The 'word' spiritism' is actually a magical expression, and many are into it thinking they are being spiritual. It is a pity when people say 'spiritual shops and spiritual items' the Holy Spirit has no shops and items at all. We are permitted in the Bible to bless some items like mantle, oil, or few other items as directed by God using the name of Jesus. God never expected us to now resolve to gospel of materials. What about agba meje or whatever! It is easy to just gather seven people and called them agba meje...the problem is how to really get seven people with right-standing with God. We are just trying to mimick what our anointed and dedicated fathers did, but we are not ready to follow their godly examples.
Godwin B. Shonekan I can understand the reasons many people were angry with the writer over the statement that the Ark is of destruction and the comment of Alagba Clement Adebayofamola that Celestial Church of Christ is not a bible church.

There were many other denominations that are not so sure of their calling and felt threatened by the existence of Celestial Church of Christ’s claim to be spiritual that should not be. All Churches of GOD has their unique calling and one does not overrun the other. It is a shame that people bring up supremacy into religion.

I love the Celestial Church of Christ Doctrine as it was handed down by GOD to Papa S. B. J. OSOFA and I see no reason for a change to that Doctrine, if you’re not please with it, then ask God to send another Church through you if it pleases HIM, I follow the guides of Holy Spirit when I pray and what HE reveals to me I do, be it the use of egg, water and etcetera. My question to you: Do we no more than GOD? If you are not a Prophet, don’t hear from God and can’t see beyond your nose, leave Celestial Doctrine alone. You could be sinning if you don’t know it. Let other denominations do as God sent them and let Celestial Church of Christ be.

The problem with this posting is that it gives those who were not ordained with the spirit of God in Celestial Church of Christ that seek refuge under what they call Pentecostal Denominations or those that find it hard to leave, a chance and opportunity to discredit the Doctrine of Celestial Church of Christ. Nothing is wrong with our Doctrine and we need no help from our critics to reshape our Church. Yes, we have administrative problems and who doesn’t, even the entire country of Nigeria does, the great good US of A does or there will be no need for change of power. That problem GOD will help us resolve at HIS time of calling.

I love the statement of Alagba Alonge Michael that: those that see and call themselves Bible Scholars are no more than Bible Students. If they do not know it, let me share my view from a spiritually translated definition, if you will learn to learn: the word "Spiritual" is of "Light" and the light is Christ Our Lord and Savior, while the word "Supernatural" is of the "Dark" and that is Satan (Devil) and both coexists. When the supernatural means are used to work against the goodness of the Lord, it will take the spiritual means to conquer the evil being. The Holy Book of Bible denotes it existence from the written messages of the early Prophets of God that delivered the messages as revealed to them by GOD, what Alagba Clement Adebayofamola should have expressed in his comment is that Celestial Church of Christ was built on the foundation of prophetic abilities and that guides could be referenced in the bible by the revelations of early Prophets, all that had been ascertained in comments made under this seal by many Celestial Church of Christ Bible Scholars. Pastor Tunde Aluko, who is Alagba Aluko Oyetunde who always smiles when he hear the word “spiritual church” as he wrote in his comment to this issue at hand should not try to criticize the calling of another denomination or seeking and preaching a change in another denomination’s calling as he does not know more GOD.

When Satan strikes in other denominations outside of Celestial Church of Christ, it has been our pleasure to assist spiritually, first by seeking prophetic guides and solutions, it works all of the time and we never ask them to change their faith and join us. Let everyone stay within their callings and let Celestial Church of Christ alone as GOD directs us.

Many that read and comment on issues like this does not necessarily mean well for Celestial Church of Christ. Celestial Church of Christ isn’t claiming superiority over any other denominations as I personally know it and I am pleased to stay where God placed me. And for Alagba Sobo Sowemimo (Omo nle, omo a wi ke ji de, omo a fo k’ire oko se….) your comments were well taken and we will be happy to have you back as we hope to get our shortcomings in order and under control, Alagba Ola Olakunle you’re welcome back, God of Papa Samuel Bilewu Joseph Osofa will continue to guide you and same for many others who are considering coming back home, y’all will be welcome. Be Good Y’hear…! GOD bless all HIS Churches.
Godwin B. Shonekan As I always say and the word accredited to me, that: "I am not a righteous man but a cautious sinner". I as a human that could be angered by people as proven by my brother, Alagba Ajala Kayode who had blocked Alagba Clement Adebayofamola from this posting, I will pleade that he be restored the status of unblocked in the name of oneness and Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I too will be unblocking the writer of the post from my timeline immediately.

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