Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fear of ICE Checkpoints Stop American Immigrants From Working Or Sending Their Kids To School

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents
President Donald Trump was elected by 65 million Americans who grew wary of the former administration’s socialist policies and wide open borders.
Among President Trump’s key campaign promises was to build a wall to curb drug traffic and keep Americans safe from terrorists.
In Trump’s 1st week in office, he signed an executive order that struck fear in the hearts of undocumented immigrants. Those fears were justified with rumors of ICE checkpoints and a spike in deportations.

Schools on both coasts report a sudden drop in attendance rates of migrant children. Immigrants are keeping their children home from school and they are avoiding hospitals and clinics.
New York Daily News reporter Allan Wernick, an attorney by trade, urges immigrants to send their children to school and seek healthcare.
He writes: “I share the community’s concerns, but panic is not the answer. If you need social services, get them. Send your kids to school.”
Wernick assures illegal immigrants that there may never be a “large-scale immigration enforcement”.
But he contradicts himself in the next sentence: “almost all undocumented immigrants are enforcement priorities.”
Wernick provides tips to illegals to help them stay under the radar of ICE agents while continuing their daily routine.
“To protect yourself from expedited removal, carry with you proof that you have been here at least two years. Doctors’ letters, utility bills, money transfer receipts, rent receipts, all might be useful evidence. Set-up an emergency plan with your family and loved ones and keep a number for a lawyer or not-for-profit legal service organization with you at all times.”

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