Thursday, 30 March 2017

Man Pours Encomium On His Newly Married Wife Accused Of Snatching Him From Bestfriend

The happy husband took to his Instagram page to praise his new bride, thanking her for making him believe in love again. Read what he wrote below....

"Be a woman who perfectly understands the meaning of love,a woman who respects and cherishes you,a woman who sweeps you off your feet daily,a woman who enjoys surprising you daily a woman who loves you.Be with a woman who values friendship,a woman with a heart of Gold.Love a woman who loves you amidst your kolo love a woman whose love isn't bought for.Love a man who gives u rest of mind.Love a woman with heart of gold.Love a rare gem!i waited cos I wanted the best and nothing less.I m not only happy to have you honey,I m equally blessed.Thanks for making me believe in love thanks for making me see there are good women after all,thanks for loving me with my troubles,thanks for being a true friend.I m usually very emotional but baby you deserve the best and I promise to be your best with my big heart.i love you 💯🌹@my wife😍😍🙏🙏"

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