Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Heartless Woman Posed As Boyfriend And Sent Herself Threatening Messages Causing Him To Be Jailed 8 Times

A woman used social media, apps, and the justice system to get revenge against her boyfriend after he broke up with him.

Her lies worked and she was able to get her boyfriend in a lot of trouble.

Her lies were only exposed after she accused the judge of taking a bribe.

22-year-old Lisa Marie Garcia of Texas is facing charges after police said she created fake online accounts in an attempt to make it look like her ex-boyfriend was threatening her life.

Garcia is accused of falsifying social media profiles under the name of her former boyfriend, Brandon Berrott.

She created a fake Facebook account, Instagram, and a fake phone number, using an app from which she was sending threats to herself and to the mother of Berrott’s baby, according to his attorney Carl Moore.

Court documents show that Garcia accused Berrott of threatening to kill her and he was arrested.

Garcia sent herself new threats, posing as Berrott every time he was released from jail.

Garcia showed the threats to the police, and Berrott was returned to jail every time for violating the terms of his bond by contacting Garcia.

According to reports, charges were filed against Berrott at least 8 times during this ordeal.

Berrott maintained his innocence but police did not believe him.

However, Garcia was finally exposed after she claimed that Berrott’s mother bribed a judge to free her son.

That statement turned out to be false, and although Garcia continued with her plan, police became suspicious.

Garcia sent threats while Berrott was cooperating with the investigators, including once when he was in custody.

Investigators determined that he could not have sent the threat.

Garcia was arrested and charged with three counts of online harassment and one count of retaliation.

The charges against Berrott have been dropped, but his lawyer said the damage was already done. Berrott lost his job because of the charges and his family is paying thousands of dollars in legal fees to clear his name and for an ankle bracelet, which he was ordered to wear, for something he did not do.

Moore said that he blames the Baytown Police Department.
“I blame the Baytown Police Department as much as anyone for continuing to accept these charges without doing the proper investigation,” Moore said.

Baytown Police chief said that Garcia, who is pregnant, was very convincing when they responded to her emergency calls and they needed to protect her life before anything else.

Berrott is considering civil action against the Baytown Police Department.

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