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“I Placed a Goat's Horn Into The Stomach Of My Elder Sister Prevent Her From Having Children," - Prophetess Ayinke Confession Stuns Worshippers in C&S

“I placed a goat's horn into the stomach of my elder sister to prevent her from having children,"Prophetess Ayinke, and a self-proclaimed witch, now exorcised, told a large congregation at the Ebenezer Healing Church, in the Central Region last week.

She had been sent to the church by her relatives after they heard about Prophet Michael Osei, founder and leader of the church and his miraculous encounters with witches and wizards.
They had the conviction that the man of God could help their child to get rid of her witchcraft.
Prophetess Ayinke had told her parents (the father and a step-mother) that she was forced to send her mother (now deceased) to a witches camp where she was slaughtered for a feast.

"They gave my mother's heart to me to eat and our queen witch feasted on my mother's head as our culture demands," she told the stunned congregation.
Earlier,  Prophetess Ayinke had confessed that she was given the witchcraft spirit by her paternal grandmother at the age of five.
"I personally did not like the witchcraft and I fell sick often, so, l told my mother about it. She did not believe me and warned me not to mention it again saying that it was not possible.
"Again, I persisted in encouraging my mother to take me to a powerful man of God to exorcise me but she refused to do anything about it until I turned 15, by which time I had become well-versed in witchcraft.

"I became so strong spiritually that once when my mother took me to a pastor in Cote d'Ivoire, where we lived, to be exorcised, a strong burst of smoke suddenly came out of my nose and mouth as the pastor faced me, forcing him to fall flat on the ground. He was not strong spiritually to face the witchcraft spirit in me, so we left."

According to Prophetess Ayinke , later and before her mother could decide to take her to see another man of God, the witches ordered her to bring her mother down to the camp to be slaughtered for one of their numerous feasts "since I had been feasting on other witches' meat and had never brought any meat to the camp for a feast."
I felt reluctant to comply with their order and so I refused to go to the camp for two weeks but they attacked me at home spiritually one night and beat me up mercilessly until I became very weak. Before they left, they threatened to kill me if I refused to bring my mother to the camp within some days.

"Their spiritual assault on me manifested physically the next day. When my mother saw the marks on my body, she demanded to know what had happened but I never told her the truth. She then took me to the hospital where I was treated and discharged.
"Because of their threat to kill me, which I knew they could do, I had no option but to spiritually take my mother to the camp the following day to be slaughtered."
She said after her mother's death, she decided to prevent her elder sister from having children.
"I turned my left hand into a knife spiritually, opened her womb and placed a goat's horn in there to prevent her seeds from growing. It has been in there for the last 10 years during which my sister has gone all lengths to find a solution to her barrenness without success wasting a lot of time and money in the processes."
The goat's horn was invoked spiritually by Prophet Osei and Prophetess Ayinke 's sister vomited it out in the presence of the congregation after she (Prophetess Ayinke ) was ordered into the bush to pluck some leaves which the prophet used to induce the vomiting.
According to Prophetess Ayinke, if her sister had gone for an operation in her quest for a baby, she would have died on the operating table.

"Also I had no reason to place a cowry in the stomach of my grandmother but I did, resulting in her constant stomach troubles which wasted her money when she went around hospitals and herbal centres looking for a cure." The old lady vomited the cowry in the presence of the congregation after the prophet commanded it out.
Prophetess Ayinke, who does not know how to drive a vehicle physically, said as a witch, she was a driver at the camp and drove the witches to wherever she was directed to drive them to.
Asked where they got their vehicles from to drive around spiritually, she said they could use anybody's vehicle spiritually.

"The car may be seen to have been parked but we take it away spiritually," she said.
She added that their careless nocturnal driving sometimes damaged some of the vehicles they took away spiritually, giving the owners a hell of trouble the following day.
Asked whether she had a witch's pot in her possession, she replied in the affirmative and said it contained all the sums of money her parents and brothers have acquired in their lifetime, adding that it accounted for their abject poverty and inability to advance economically as well as other miseries in their lives.

"I have put several impediments in their way to prevent them from advancing in life," she said, adding that even though it may be sheer wickedness on her part in the physical world, in the spiritual world, no witch or wizard recognises his or her family members, much more having sympathy for them over their day-to-day miseries.

When we go to the camp, we hold parties, sing and dance around. When people bring their 'animals', we slaughter them and prepare a feast.
As to how she went out to the witches' camp,  Prophetess Ayinke said she would spiritually put her roommates to sleep, turn into smoke and pass under the door of the room to the outside. Once outside, she would turn into a bat and fly away. 

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