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Nollywood Actresses Dayo Amusa, Funke Adesiyan, Bisola Badmus, Others At War Over King Wasiu Ayinde (K1)

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Since Fuji Maestro Ayinde Marshall aka KWAM 1 married one of his wives, Titilope, legally on his 61st birthday at a private ceremony at his Ijebu mansion, there has been trouble among female actors in the entertainment industry.

The reason for the war is not far-fetched since the 61-year-old musician, who is highly loved and respected, is a darling to some actresses who are ready to have kids for him and be called Mrs Marshall.

One of his concubines, who turned babymama is Nollywood actress, Bisola Badmus.

Bisola, who had in an interview with Encomium in 2016, revealed that the father of her son is KWAM 1. She refers to herself as K1’s wife but she is just a babymama.

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According to the findings made by Kemiashefonlovehaven, Bisola and K1 had always enjoyed a high level of intimacy before she got pregnant. To authenticate the veracity of this fact, K1 had devoted a section of eulogy to her during the launching of Dayo Amusa’s movie premiere, “Dewunmi Iberu” in 2012.

It was gathered that at the height of their affair, when Bisola had difficulty in getting pregnant, K1 had suggested that she visited a good gynecologist. Later, when Bisola got pregnant, there was an ‘unwritten’ agreement between the lovers to keep mute over the paternity of the baby.
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It was gathered that when Bisola was delivered of her baby, K1 was informed on the phone and he visited her at the hospital as well. Moreover, the Fuji king also dispatched a delegation, among whom was his family cleric (Alfa) to attend the naming ceremony. Those who have seen Bisola’s son swore that he shares an uncanny resemblance with his father.
“The interview caused a strain in her relationship with Alhaji, who had warned her to be discreet about their affair. Though he still takes responsibility of her son, Abdulmalik Ayinde Marshal, he is yet to make up his mind on marrying her legally,” a source exclusively told Kemiashefonlovehaven.
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But then, KWAM 1 is in a sizzling romance with actress Dayo Amusa and if all odds are pushed aside, Dayo should walk down the aisle with Alhaji.
“Dayo’s hurdle is her mum who is against her daughter marrying someone like Alhaji. Though he is a responsible father, Dayo’s mum, who is also re-married to another man (not Dayo’s dad) is not comfortable with the idea. In fact, if she allows Dayo, Alhaji is set to give her the ring as we speak,” another source revealed.
Currently, Dayo, who is rated as one of Nigeria’s most brilliant actresses, holds a very special position in K1’s life and she is said to be working towards becoming a permanent fixture in his life very soon.

Information gathered revealed that K1 has never shirked in his responsibility towards the upkeep of his son, as he ensures that he is well taken care of. Sources disclosed that Bisola and her son live in a house, facilitated by K1 and which is owned by Alhaji Sego, a top member of the Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers, (NURTW)
Sources also revealed that  Bisola must have been forced to reveal the identity of her son’s father because she is always being derided by her colleagues in the movie industry.

It was learnt that the perception, held by some of these actresses is that Bisola had a one night stand affair with K1, which later resulted in the birth of her son.

Also, Bisola is reported to be peeved at being ousted by Dayo Amusa in K1′s life. Close sources disclosed that Dayo has been enjoying a steamy affair. The affair began shortly after Dayo broke up with her former lover, Musa Shina.

Related image But not everyone knew that another Nollywood actress, Funke Adesiyan is also in the picture.
When Alhaji was 60 in 2017, she shared this:

“Still your day daddy… I remember the day we took this picture on Maddisson Avenue, New York. You gave me the surprise of my life when you called me from Battery Park that you were looking for my school to say hello to me. I thought you were joking. I sent you the address on WhatsApp. Lo and Behold, Bobo was at our reception. You came to our admin office and asked for my file. You were stunned to see i paid $56,000 to educate myself. You burst to cry and praying for me. All i see on your face was Pride! You brought out a bundle of money that clearly was sprayed for you as it was filled with all denominations. You counted $5000 and gave me as your contribution towards my education. You took me to 5th avenue to shop for me and headed for the airport. I will remain stunned that you made a NY trip just to see me. You are not only a father to me, you are my friend and a friend to my parents (as they do ofofo behind me) lol. Have a blast 60 like 40.” (sic)
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Abdulmalik Olasunkanmi Ayinde, is the only son of popular actress, Bisola Badmus, she had the boy for K1

Known to always flaunt her wealth and rich background, Funke, who once dated actor/producer Saheed Balogun, is popular on social media for her outspoken nature and her urge to always flash her big boobs.

On his 61st birthday, there was no shout-out message from her since he married Titi on that day.
“That doesn’t mean she is out of the picture. Alhaji likes her too and who knows, she might be lucky to get the ring,” our source said.

On her own part, Bisola has vowed to engage Dayo in a battle over who wins the heart of the Fuji star. Funke, though not appearing desperate, isn’t as keen.

Read excerpts of the interview where Bisola Disclosed K1 as the father of her son below:

Yoruba Actress Bisola Badmus has finally come out to say King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal is the father of her 2-year old son and she is not in any way scared of his newest wife, Titi Masha. She says because she hasn’t confirmed this in a long while does not mean that she is scared of her, and in actual fact K1 is her husband. She revealed this to National Encomium in their latest issue.

There is a tale that you’re claiming that K1 De Ultimate is the father of your baby, how true is that?

Yes, he is the father of my son. That’s not a lie. My son is not a bastard.
What is your son’s full name?
He is Abdulmalik Ayinde Marshal. I have never regretted having a baby for K1. He has been a wonderful father to my son. He is taking good care of Him.

But you told us sometime in 2012, that he wasn’t your baby’s father. Why are you just confessing now that the child is almost two? 

And why hasn’t K1 claimed him since?

I thank God for giving me a wonderful son, a cute one at that. I am happy as a mother let me correct the impression by the public and some press men that may be because K1 had denied the paternity of my son, that’s why I kept quiet since. That’s not true; I only do not want to talk because I hate noise, most especially on my son because he is too young for that. Everybody knows I am naturally a very quiet person. That’s why I refused to talk about or even grant any interview on the matter. I know who the father of my son is. It’s not controversial

Is there any misunderstanding between the two of you at the moment?

We never had any misunderstanding. He still pays his bill as a father. And my son will be happy knowing that K1 is his father. He has been so caring to us. I can’t fight the father of my baby. K1 has been a very good father and I love him for that.

How long have you been in a relationship or it was just a one night stand?

It wasn’t a one-night-stand. We had a good relationship. We agreed that we should have a baby, not that I forced my child on him.

Are you telling us you’re married to him?

Of course, I don’t have any other husband.

But we learnt you’re afraid of his new wife, Titi Masha. That’s why you remained silent on the issue. What’s your comment on this?

I told you I kept quite because I don’t like noise, especially about my little boy. Besides, no one has ever been a threat to me. My husband is my husband. I don’t believe I owe anybody any explanation for marrying him. Nobody was there when we met. 

Then, how can anybody become a threat to me or my marriage to K1? 

That’s not possible. So, that’s all.
Anyway, leave my marriage for me for now. That’s not the real reason I decided to grant this interview. It’s just a kind of a digression.

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