Wednesday, 11 April 2018

‘The Grandpa Did What We Couldn’t’: Heroic 83-Year-Old Pushes Wanted Criminal Off His Roof, Ending Police Standoff [VIDEO]

California police have arrested a suspected burglar after an 83-year-old grandpa pushed him off of his roof into their custody, as reported by ABC 10.
Wilford Burgess ended an hours-long standoff between the intruder and sheriff’s deputies in a Los Angeles-area neighbourhood, authorities have noted.
The suspected burglar had been jumping from roof to roof and managing to evade being captured, police say. That’s when he jumped on the wrong roof, the one belonging to Wilford Burgess.
The 83-year-old said he took his neighbour’s ladder and told deputies he was climbing onto the roof to end the confrontation on his own terms. His granddaughter caught the whole thing on video.
The video shows Burgess quickly confronting the suspect before tossing him to the ground. The suspected burglar smashed into his car, damaging it, but both vehicle and suspect will be fine, authorities note.
“You come to my house, you don’t have to worry about him because I’ll be all over it ’cause I’m going to load up,” Burgess said. “I said … ‘I’m going up on the roof, that sucker’s coming off.”
“I figured … if they can’t get him off, I can.”
Burgess’ granddaughter, Ashley Wrenn, spoke to KTLA and seemed unsurprised by her grandfather’s heroic act.
“He’s like the strongest person in our family. I mean, he keeps us all together. … It wasn’t a surprise to us. That’s papa,” she said.
Police have expressed their gratitude, thanking the 83-year-old for ending the standoff.
“The grandpa did what we couldn’t,” Captain Tim Murakami told reporters. “[He] got tired of the suspect’s games.”
[Featured Image: ABC 10/screenshot]

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