Monday, 9 April 2018

Thousands Of Young Londoners Take To The Streets For #BikesUpKnivesDown Protest

Thousands of young Londoners take to the streets for #BikesUpKnivesDown protest
Thousands of young people cycled alongside police officers to protest against London’s knife violence. As many as 4,000 youngsters rode on BMXs from London Bridge to Oxford Street on Saturday as part of the #BikesUpKnivesDown campaign.

The BikeStormz event came as more than 50 people have been killed in the capital this year – including nine this past week. The event was organised by 19-year-old bike enthusiast Jake100 and Mac – who said it was the biggest turn out since the movement started in 2014. Mac told the Independent: ‘We want people to put the guns down, put the knives down and for everyone to love their life, live their life and be peaceful and respectful.

‘Never leave your house with a bad intention.’ The movement has been supported by the Metropolitan Police and the London Mayor’s Office.

Ruby Bailey, 13, from the Street Elitez bike community said: ‘This is the big ride of the year. ‘We’re not here to cause trouble. Everyone thinks we are, but we’re not. Some of the people here used to be in involved in knife crime, but since they got on their bikes, they switched their lives around and stopped using knives.’ The event was heavily supported online, with one person writing on Twitter: ‘Massive respect to the young Londoners organising the cycle demo on Tooley St, even spotted some parents there with their bikes supporting their kids. Kids as young as nine joined the parade of cyclists 
Bikesupknivesdown Bikes Up Knives Down Bikestormz Bike Stormz London Credit: Twitter/yannishanio Source: Permission given
(Picture: Twitter/yannishanio)

‘Do NOT see a group of kids on bikes and assume it’s antisocial behaviour. That’s how we got into this mess.’ Another commented: ‘Pedal power on Tooley Street today: 100’s..1000’s!.. of inspiring young people representing & showing how peaceful gathering/protest can be done: w/ passion, skill & fresh wheels!’

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