Sunday 1 July 2018

Pictured: 27-Year-Old Nigerian Man Who Has Never Had An Erection Before.

A 27-year-old man simply identified as Ronald has been living a forced life of celibacy due to a medical condition after his genital got twisted during his childhood.

A philanthropist Ukan Kurugh who shared the plight of the young man revealed that Ronald, a Tiv man from Benue state has never had an erection in his life after his joystick twisted halfway upwards than downwards.

It was disclosed that his medical challenge started from birth and his parents who residents in the village gave it a traditional medicinal approach that failed to yield the desired results.

It was also revealed that Ronald is set to undergo surgery in Abuja on Sunday (tomorrow) after a humanitarian, one Mrs. Uyi agreed to foot the bills of his surgery for him to return back to normal and feel like a man.

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