Wednesday 4 July 2018

Student Shocked After S@x Doll Is Found In A Dustbin At Their Hostel. Photos

A sex doll has been found in a dustbin at a student accommodation building – after a leg was spotted sticking out of the rubbish. The X-rated doll was initially mistaken for a dead body when it was discovered in the skip at Uni City Lodge in Coventry city centre.

It was found sporting pink toenail polish and a tattered French maid’s uniform, with its legs and feet twisted, Coventry Live reports.

Tony Demarco, owner of Uni City Lodge, had a real shock when he found the sex doll while checking the bins.

For a second, he thought he had a human’s body on his hands.

“I had a bit of a fright to start with,” he said.

“I could just see the leg.”

Mr Demarco described how the doll was made of silicone – with the words ‘silicone sex doll’ scrawled on its thigh.

It was dressed in the remains of a white French maid’s uniform and even had bright pink toenail polish applied.

The doll’s legs and arms can be seen twisted in different directions

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