Thursday 16 August 2018

WhatsApp Backup On Google Drive Is Now Free

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WhatsApp has been offering to backup all your conversations, photos, and videos to Google Drive for a while now. It used to take up some space on the cloud, but today all users received emails saying the backup package will not count towards your available quota of storage, meaning you can store all the data for free.

The email from Google to every WhatsApp user

Google sent out the message, stating the change is due to a new agreement with WhatsApp. The transition is starting today but might take some time to come into effect for everyone. The policy will be available to all by November 12.

Not all backups will be stored, though. Google said any packages that are more than a year old will be automatically removed, meaning if you have a backup but haven’t restored it, it will get deleted. To avoid any loss of data, you should do it manually via the app settings and going to Chats from where you can control what and when is saved remotely.

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