Saturday 3 November 2018

Monkey Snatches Cobra From Snake Charmer (Video)

This was the bizarre moment a monkey snatched a cobra from a snake charmer and fled. The snake charmer desperately pursued the monkey to get his snake back. 

The incident occurred in Vrinadavan, Uttar Pradesh, India on October 26.

The footage shows the snake charmer squatting outside the well-known Barbanki temple, getting ready to put up a show. As he pulls out a snake from a bamboo basket, an Indian rhesus monkey gets down from a building, snatches the snake and runs.

Shocked and desperate to get his snake back – a source of his livelihood – the snake charmer chases the monkey.

Eyewitnesses said he failed to catch the monkey and came back empty-handed.
 Monkeys snatch food and things from people frequently. But this is the first time a monkey has snatched a snake probably thinking it was food, said a local resident Avatans Kumar, 23.

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