Sunday 30 December 2018

Members Kneel Down To Welcome Their Pastor - Photos Go Viral (Video)

Photos of church members kneeling down to welcome their pastor have gone viral. The pastor arrived in a car with his driver. His driver came out, knelt down and opened the door for him. The pastor came out of the car, walked majestically and entered the church while his congregation knelt down even along the road and hailed him.

A Yoruba adage says, may God not allow the foolish turn out wise so that the wise will always have someone to cheat. I believe that is some pastors prayer as well

What an irony of life, they won't dare call fellow humans (Pastors) by their first name, never....but when it comes to Jesus who ironically is the reason for the Pastors, it's easier for to call him first name anyhow with command and zero respect.

Watch the video below:

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