Friday 4 January 2019

Heartbroken Man Poured Encomium And Accolade To Ex Who Is About To Get Married To Another Man

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A heartbroken man poured encomium and accolade on his former girlfriend who is about to get married to another man this weekend. Akan Greatness Udom took to Facebook to share how he met Ufan in 2011, how great a person she is and the shock of her getting married to another is to him. He said he thought it was a joke the first time she told him about it.

He went further to add that he won’t attend any of both events because he doesn’t think is emotionally strong to behold the only woman he truly loved officially given out to another man.
He concluded by wishing her marital bliss, fruitfulness and peace.
Below is his Facebook post:
Tributes to the Only Love I Truly Had!
Putting this out has been one of the toughest decisions I have had to make in recent time. I know many may have different reactions, it obvious I won’t care.
Tomorrow, you will traditionally be married to the man you have preferred chosen and accepted for a life union, and on Saturday, it will be sealed before God and men.
Let me, first of all, congratulate you on this next level of your life. Kindly expect my absence as I won’t be attending any of both events. Not that I have any bad feelings about your decision, I don’t think I am emotionally strong to behold “the only woman I could say I truly loved” officially given out to another man.
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I wish I can, but just understand I can’t.
I can still remember when you first broke this news over a phone call, it was all like a joke. I laughed over it but you insisted you were serious. Well, tomorrow it will be a reality that I wish it never were.
We met on 2go in 2011. I can remember how your Status draw my attention to your account. I started hunting you day and night online, as reserved as you were, you hardly came online not respond to me, not until one night after blazing you for ignoring me, I woke up in the morning to see your apologies which came with your phone number. The next morning witnessed the beginning of a friendship that last more than 6 years even in the face of our many differences and clashes.
It took you more than 2 years before you voluntarily allowed me to see your face. (You just pitied me… Lol) You were beautiful, reserved and sensible. I just knew you were a friend for a keep.
I was in my level 300 in the University when we met, you were just fresh out of Secondary school seeking Admission into the Higher Institution. This was the major source of insecurity and concern we had to face. You never believed I was for real, and for the long years we spent together, you never really believed I truly loved you because you felt I was in a particular societal class you weren’t fit for. My social media engagements, the imaginary “fame and Uyo popularity” was also a regular concern. I tried my best to prove it, I didn’t seems to succeed.
No matter how we both tried to adjust, I was still me and you were you the “reserved, private and unsocial” person. Our incompatibilities were just too clear. We kept believing we could work out fine someday but this has proven we were never meant to be.
I had spent time reflecting on the many crazy things I have done because of you. I wish you had at least believed me the much I did loved you.
Before we met in 2013, I had travelled from my NYSC base to Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic on hearing that it was your matriculation day. You didn’t inform nor invite me, I just came believing I could run into you. That was crazy, let me save the details of what happened that day cos it was a big craziness.
After crying for the loss of my first love, no other lady has made me cry but you. You are the only one that will make me angry and I will still come back to apologize. The looks in your eyes alone were strong messages, it could make me comport and behave in the midst of my craziness.
You had so much hold on me like jazz. Those who knew us wondered what it was. But I know it was love indeed.
I couldn’t ask for a better friend than you if I have another opportunity. We are leaving each other better than we met in 2011. Aside from my Mum, you were always my first point of call in critical situations. Your sense of reasoning, counsels, peace loving dispositions and godly personality has kept me from load of problems in this city. I can’t forget your consistent advise “Ufan, let it go, better things are ahead of you”, “Is it worth your stress, life or security?” and your “What ifB” that will leave me giving a second thought to my actions.
If am blessed today by the prayers of two people, it’s my parents prayers and yours. Thanks for believing in me and pushing me out to go achieve my dreams. Thanks for standing by me in my most darkest moments.00xk
Thanks for always remembering me in your prayers. Thanks for drawing me closer to God. Which man won’t fight to have a rare treasure as you?
It was a long year of knowing each other. I wasn’t a perfect man, you had your own differences. We had honestly tried to make it work but it never stayed smooth for too long. We are parting today not because we have stopped loving each other but because it wasn’t within God’s will for us. Maybe it’s time for a deeper reflection for me.
I hoped and wished our beautiful love story would be told by us someday but God knows better. I’m not hurt, because we played very essential roles in the lives of each other and we just had to face the reality. I am a strong believer that it is not all friendship or relationship that must lead to marriage. Ours wasn’t meant to be, but we had the best of friends and I will treasure such memories for my lifetime.
I love you still and wish you the best of marital bliss, fruitfulness and peace.
I still wish I can be there to witness it, but I can’t. I hope you really understand.
Thanks for being a friend indeed. Thanks for your contribution to what is today known as Yenne market.
I will forever miss you and I doubt any women can take these memories of you away.
Happy married life Ufan mmi
You are a good woman, and he is just a lucky man.

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