Tuesday 9 April 2019

Sensei Uche's Car Stops Danfo From Falling Off 3rd Mainland Bridge

Sensei Uche did something worthy of praise today. He stopped a danfo from plunging into the lagoon with his Nissan Murano SUV car.

Earlier today, we wrote a post on how a danfo bus filled with passengers almost fell off the Third Mainland Bridge. Those in the bus were all lucky because that bus was heading to its final destination – the lagoon.

A while after the accident happened, OAP Sensei Uche took to his Instagram to narrate how he helped used his car to stop the danfo bus from plunging into the lagoon. He alleged that the brakes of the danfo bus failed and were heading into the lagoon but he used his car to stop what would have been a great loss.

Read his story below;

Was on my way to the office on 3rd mainland bridge and this happened.
The bus behind lost its breaks and was heading into the lagoon and had to use mine to stop.
The passengers are thanking God and me that my vehicle stopped them from entering the lagoon.
Thank God no lives were lost.

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