Thursday 19 September 2019

Nigerians react as MC Oluomo is invited as a 'special guest' at an event inside the University of Lagos

Nigerians react as?MC Oluomo is invited as a

The leader of the Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) Lagos chapter, Musiliu Akinsanya aka MC Oluomo is currently under a lot of fire on social media following his invitation as a Special Guest at a seminar scheduled to hold inside University of Lagos (UNILAG). 

MC Oluomo's invitation has triggered a lot of people online saying, 'how can a National Thug be allowed to talk in UNILAG and Sowore wasn’t welcome?”.

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MC Oluomo invited as a special guest to give a speech in , meanwhile Sowore was stopped from attending various events he was invited to for reasons best known to the school authorities. Imagine MC Oluomo giving a speech to students We are mad in this country
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I just read somewhere that MC Oluomo will be giving a lecture in UNILAG.

Is this true?

I am sincerely hoping his topic will be centred around Thuggery & HR MGt. Anything outside this will be really outside his topic of competence.
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MC Oluomo 😁😁
His he there to motivate or what? I don't get. Lemme cross leg and see how this goes.UNILAG counseling unit 😑😑😑😑😑😤🤣🤣
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I don’t see anything wrong with MC oluomo being a guest speaker in unilag. He is experienced in transportation & thuggery.

Believe me the students will pay more attention to him more than the other speakers. Education is not obtained through schooling alone
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If u think anyone without university or any higher institutions certificate is not educated the education you claim u hv is a waste.
A mechanic is educated
A carpenter is educated
and these people are also a graduate in their choosing field..
Mc Oluomo is educated in his field.
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Why are we angry that Mc Oluomo is a keynote speaker in a Unilag event?

Let's learn to not Underrate people in this country please,

If someone without a Certificate could be President, an Agbero could lecture in a University.

Nigeria is a Country of all possibilities.
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In 2019 people still feel formal education is the only way to get knowledge.if you fault mc oluomo been a guest speaker in Unilag because u think his not educated then u need to revaluate.
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If Buhari can be president of Nigeria , Mc oluomo is qualify to speak anywhere in the country
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I don't know why you people are angry at MC Oluomo being invited as a guest speaker at the university of Lagos o. What did you expect in a country that a certificateless man like @MBuhari is a president? Anything goes here guys, be calm abeg.
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Here we go again Nigerians thinking that the only way u can get educated is through schooling. That's the biggest trap of the century. We get educated by getting knowledge which can be available everywhere. MC oluomo is super qualified and experienced to speak in unilag.
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MC Oluomo(A Transport Union Illiterate Thug) invited as a guest speaker on Unilag Campus.

You can even see his picture before that of the woman with a PhD 😭

The rottenness the decay in Nigeria is beyond imagination 😭
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