Sunday 15 September 2019

Tyson Fury Shows Off Bloodied Battle Wound From Las Vegas Hospital After Suffering Huge Cut During Win Over Otto Wallin

Tyson Fury shows off bloodied battle wound from Las Vegas hospital after points win over
Tyson Fury has shown off his nasty battle wounds suffered during his win over Otto Wallin as the Brit had to overcome the bloody injury to grind out a points victory over the Swede.

Fury suffered a serious cut above his right eye in the third round before grinding out a wide points win, which the judges scored 116-112, 117-111, 118-110.

The Gypsy King was unable to fulfill media duties following the fight as he was admitted to hospital so that medical experts could attend to the gash.

A close up shot of Tyson Fury's gruesome gash above his right eye was posted to Instagram

The blood from the cut resulted in the 31-year-old being taken to hospital after the fight
In a picture posted to Instagram, Fury is photographed bearing his teeth in a close-up image of his battle wound. There is dried blood on his right cheek from the contest.
It is not yet known what lasting damage the injury could have on the 31-year-old heavyweight.
Due to the severity of the cut, Fury's future opponents may see that area of his head as a perfect target to aim for in upcoming bouts. 
Fury's performance was slammed by his own father, John, who said it was the worst performance of the 31-year-old's career and that he was too light for the fight after weighing in at 254.4 lbs (18 stone 1 pound).
Fury was slammed by his father John, who said it was his son's worst performance in the ring
Fury was slammed by his father John, who said it was his son's worst performance in the ring
Fury Sr also said he'd sack Fury's backroom team for their failure to get him into sufficient shape after an eight-week camp, but those harsh words failed to dampen the mood in his camp.
He told BT Sport Box Office: 'It's the worst I've seen from Tyson.
'I'm proud of how he has mauled his way through but he has to be honest and say things are not right. For a man to be in that condition after eight weeks (in) camp - it looked like he had nothing after round two.
'His strength and power went tonight, he was as weak as a kitten from the first round. At 18 stone one, I've warned him and warned him. He is a 19-stone fighter.'
Fury's trainer Ben Davison, 25, responded on Twitter saying: 'he's had a tough fight which [he] clearly won, after being cut terribly not only 1 but 2 cuts. Sometimes you can't win.' 

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