Sunday 12 April 2020

COVID-19 LOCKDOWN: House To House Robbery Around Abraham Adesanya Inward Sangotedo Ibeju-Lekki Lagos

Please, people, you need to be cautious as this lockdown is beginning to turn into a nightmare.

The picture of the man below is one of a 3-5 man gang robbing and looting people’s houses inward Abraham Adesanya/Sangotedo area of ibeju Lekki.

CCTV footage was able to let us know that they’ve been in the area of the robbery below for as much as 5 hours scouting and looking at several houses for where and who to rob.

The compound where this footage was provided reported they made away with Generators and Almost 30 litres of fuel, while some other houses lost their AC Units and Generators too.

They came in a TOYOTA HIGHLANDER 2010 - 2012 series, with a set of black alloy wheels and tinted windows all through. We are still trying to confirm the plates on the vehicle.

People should be on high alert as this lockdown may end up becoming worse than we envisaged.

Kindly share this post and help put a stop to them.

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