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Current Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria for 2020

Cost Of Building A Four Bedroom Bungalow In Imo State - Properties ...
Current Cost of Building a 4-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria for 2020 – Building one’s own house is everyone’s dream. While some people have found a way to crack the challenges involved in the various processes of raising a structure, many people still have one or two challenges in this aspect.
One of the main challenges when planning to build an apartment is knowing where to start from and budgeting accordingly. It is essential to have an idea of how much is needed to complete the construction of a typical house to ensure a smooth construction process without serious hindrances.

In this post, we will take a look at how much it costs to completely build a 4-bedroom Bungalow from scratch.
Low-cost Four Bedroom Bungalow Architectural Features:
Master bedroom-15ft x 14ft
Madam bedroom-14ft x 14ft
Children bedroom-14ft x 14ft
Visitors bedroom-12ft x 8ft
Livingroom-16ft x 14ft
3 ensuite toilets ( 8ft x 6 ft), 
1 visitors toilet (6ft x 5 ft)
Kitchen with one store (12ft x 12ft)

Cost Of Building A 3 Bedroom Bungalow In Nigeria
How Much Does It Cost to Build a 4-Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria?
Estimating the actual amount to build a 4-bedroom bungalow can be very difficult. This is because there are several factors that affect the estimated amount the whole process will go for. For instance, you wouldn’t expect to spend the same amount to build a 4-bedroom in places like Lagos and some other less-expensive places like Ondo State or Northern Nigeria.
Here, we will consider how much it costs, on the average, to build a standard 4-bedroom bungalow. To make this easier, we will categorize the processes into stages, starting from buying land to running finishing touches to the structure.

Current Cost of Building a Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria
Current Cost of Building a Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria

Cost of Buying a Piece of Land
This is the very first step to take when planning to build a 4-bedroom bungalow. It is usually difficult trying to estimate how much plots of lands go for as there are many factors to consider. Generally, the prices plots of land go for depending on the location. In fact, it is even possible to see the same plot of land in the same area go for different prices.
Areas with the expensive cost of living have remarkably expensive lands and those in remote areas don’t cost as much.
Depending on the size of the 4 bedroom bungalow, the minimum of a plot of land should be able to fix a standard 4 bedroom flat, although most people prefer to go for more than a plot to ensure the building and compound has adequate space. As it stands, one plot of land can cost as low as N400, 000 and as high as 12 million naira or higher, depending on the location.
Cost of Drafting a Building Plan
This is the next cost to estimate. You will require a professional architect to help with the planning design. For a typical 4-bedroom flat plan, the design usually cots anything between N50, 000 and N400, 000 depending on the architect, complexity of the structure you want and the location.

Current Cost of Building a Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria
Current Cost of Building a Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria

Cost of Foundation Stage Plus Soakaway
This is the next main step after securing a land and drawing the building plan. There are different types and techniques for constructing foundations and they all vary in prices. In recent times, professionals have advised to test the soil type before determining the type of foundation to go for.
Depending on the type of foundation profiling, design and complexity of the structure, this stage should cost anything between N600, 000 and N1.5 million. It should also be noted that the estimate is also dependent on the location of the site.
Cost of Construction to Lintel Level
This is where the main block work starts. As stated earlier, it is tricky to estimate the actual amount that will be spent at this stage because it depends on several factors. Factors like the design, the type of material to be used and other similar factors affect the number of blocks, for instance, to be used.
Based on recent trends though, one should expect to spend between N1 million and N1.8 million including estimates for the whole block work, labour, sand, lintel casting, and other materials to be used during the construction process.

Current Cost of Building a Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria for
Current Cost of Building a Bedroom Bungalow in Nigeria for

Cost of Roofing
This is one of the core stages that chunk a large part of the whole budget. While the overall estimate you will spend here depends on the type of roofing you are going for, the material to be used and the strength of the workforce, it is still essential to note that there are pros and cons associated with the type you go for. Regardless of this, one can expect to spend between N800, 000 and N1.6 Million.
Cost of Finishing Stage
The projected budget here should include plastering cost, wiring cost, overall plumbing cost, cost of fixing all windows and doors, cost of flooring and other similar expenses. It is worth noting that the cost of this stage hinges on the number of rooms, sorts of materials you are considering to use, cost of manpower (which varies heavily depending on the location) and other similar factors. On average, one can expect to spend anything between N900, 000 and N3 million at the stage.
There are a lot of things involved when building a 4-bedroom bungalow. Apart from the budget already estimated above, it is essential to also budget for miscellaneous expenses that will pop up during construction.
On the average, based on the estimate above, you should expect to spend a total of anything between N9 million and N15 million for a standard 4-bedroom bungalow, although building this same in rural or developing areas in Nigeria can be way cheaper
Material Requirements for Setting-out with profiles
4 pieces of 1x12 plank @ ₦1,200 each plus ₦800 (for dividing each into 5 (@ ₦200 each) = ₦5,600
4 bundles of Pegs @ ₦1,200 each = ₦4,800
2" and 3' Nails = ₦1,200 worth of nails
4 bundles of rope @ ₦200 each = ₦800
Labour = ₦4,000
>> Approximate cost of setting-out = ₦15,200
Material Requirements for Digging/Excavation
Either you or the labourers will rent some diggers and shovels for the job. These tools can cost about ₦2,000 to rent.
Labour = ₦4,000
>> Approximate cost of digging = ₦6,000
Material Requirement for Concrete work/Blinding
For a standard foundation of 150 mm base-thickness, assuming 0.45 m (breadth or height) and 85.5 m (entire length) = 5.77125 m3
10 bags of cement @ ₦2,600 each = ₦26,000
20 tonnes of sand x 2 = ₦80,000
20 tonnes of Granite = ₦100,000
We don’t need reinforced bar (Rebar) because the soil is good, firm and dry.
Litres of water as needed.
Labour = ₦18,000
>> Approximate cost of concrete work = ₦224,000
Material Requirements for Laying Foundation Blocks
Using 9" blocks and laying 4 coaches, you will need
12 bags of cement @ ₦2,600 each = ₦31,200
644 pieces of 9" vibrated blocks (including 10 percent wastage) @ ₦170 each = ₦109,480
Plumbing work = ₦25,000
The remaining sand from concrete work will be used here.
Labour = ₦32,200
>> Approximate cost of laying foundation blocks = ₦197,880
Material Requirement for Filling
I suggest digging the soak-away and septic tank alongside making the foundation so that the soil dug-up from the soak-away pit, septic tank and well can be used for filling the foundation. This will save you the cost of buying some trips of sand for foundation filling, and also save you the cost of clearing the dug-up soil in a case where it is not used for filling.

After filling the foundation, water it for about 10 hours and leave it for days (or some weeks) before flooring for natural compaction. In the end, you might need to buy just a few trips of sand if the soil dug-up from the well and septic tank is not enough. Assuming you buy:
3 trips of 20 tonnes laterite (fairly clayey) at ₦18,000 = ₦54,000
Labour = ₦10,000
>> Approximate cost of filling foundation = ₦64,000
Material Requirement for Foundation Casting/Flooring
25 bags of cement @ ₦2,600 = ₦65,000
Waterproof/nylon = ₦15,000
Remaining granite and sand from concrete work will be used here.
Labour = ₦18,000
>> Approximate cost of flooring = ₦98,000
Material Requirements for Septic Tank, Soak-away pit and Well
The septic tank, soak-away pit, and well should be constructed first in order to have water for the work and sand for filling the foundation later.
700 pieces of 6" vibrated blocks @ ₦150/block (for a septic tank of 3m x 3m x 3m) = ₦105,000.
22 bags of cement @ ₦2,600 = ₦57,200 (including plastering).
Number of well-rings as required.
Sand and granite from concrete work will be used here.
Labour for septic tank, soak-away pit and well = ₦80,000
>> Approximate cost of constructing both the septic tank, soak-away and well = ₦242,200.

Total Cost for this stage >>> ₦847,080 (excluding cost of well rings)
DPC To Lintel Level
This stage starts from the German floor to the level before roofing. It covers the main block work including wall partitions for the various rooms in the house. The following are just estimates of what is needed for a modest 3-bedroom flat. Again, ensure you get a Bill of Quantities for your building plan as that's the only way to know the exact material requirements for your house.
Material Requirement and Labour for block work
2100pcs of 6” stone dust vibrated blocks @ ₦150 = ₦315,000.
(The price will increase if you use 9” blocks)
15 tonnes of sharp sand = ₦40,000
30 bags of cement @ ₦2,600 = ₦78,000
Labour = ₦105,000
>> Approximate cost of block work = ₦538,000.
(This includes the two coaches of blocks after lintel)
Material Requirement for Lintel Casting
20 length of 12mm rod @ ₦2,100/length = ₦42,000
10 length of stirrups @ ₦500/length = ₦5,000
35 length of 1x12x18 wood @ ₦1,700/length = ₦59,500
Nails plus wire for binding = ₦13,000
8 bags of cement @ ₦2,600 = ₦20,800
Remaining sand will be used here.
Remaining granite from concrete work is used.
Labour plus carpenter = ₦30,000
>> Approximate cost of the lintel level = ₦165,300

Total Cost for this stage >>>₦703,300.
Roofing Stage
The cost of roofing varies greatly with the type of roofing materials you choose to use. So, the price below is just an estimate. Endeavour to get the BoQ for your house plan and design.
Material Requirements for Roofing
320 length of 2x3x12 wood @ ₦450 = ₦144,000
45 length of 2x6x12 @ ₦840 = ₦38,250
25 length of 1x12x12 wood @ ₦1,400 = ₦35,000
1/2 bag of 2" nails @ ₦5,800 = ₦2,900
11/2 bags of 3" nails @ ₦6,000 =₦9,000
1/2 bag of 4" nails @ ₦6,500 = ₦3,250
Aluminium (0.45mm thick) roofing, transportation and Labour = ₦685,900

Total Cost for the roofing stage >>> ₦918,300

Note: You can reduce your cost of roofing by at least 20% by using the more modern and classy skillion roof (also called shed roof). See the roof here.
This is the final stage in the building process, and it includes plastering, wiring, plumbing, fixing of windows, doors as well as tiles. The cost here varies greatly according to your taste. Below is an estimate for a very modest finishing.
Material Requirements for Electrical works
Wires, Pipes, Conduit Boxes, etc = ₦360,300
Material Requirements for Mechanical and Plumbing Works
Kitchen sink, Pipes, WC, Washing Hand Basin, Overhead Tank, Shower, etc = ₦490,200
Material Requirements for Ceiling
Woods for nogging, P.O.P Sheets, External wood finishing, P.V.C Boards, Tank nails, etc plus labour = ₦450,000
Material Requirements for Windows and Doors
Windows, doors, burglary proof, and fixtures plus labour = ₦500,000
Material Requirements for Wall Rendering and Painting
Plastering and painting plus labour = ₦500,000
Material Requirements for Floor Finishes
Tiles and others plus labour = ₦250,000

Total Cost for this stage >>> ₦2,550,500

Grand Total >>> ₦150,000 + ₦30,000 + ₦847,080 + ₦703,300 + ₦918,300 + ₦2,550,500 = ₦5,199,100

There you go! Once you get a land, you can build and move into your 3-bedroom flat with less than ₦5,500,000!!!
Check out these tips for reducing cost of building your home. With adequate supervision and labour price negotiation, you are sure to save at least 10 per cent cost from each section. Remember that the above cost is just an estimate, and all the quantities of materials mentioned include a margin for wastage. Meaning you can reduce the cost by reducing wastage, and using alternative building materials. But never cut corners or hire bad labourers in a bid to cut down on cost.
Always check back as this post will be updated to match recent market prices. In case I missed anything, do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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