Friday 1 May 2020

Tolani Otedola Slams News Blog That Called Her Autistic Brother Mentally Unstable

Femi Otedola’s first daughter and the first child of the family, Tolani Otedola has taken the battle for her brother, Fewa, against a journalist that published a defaming story about him.

The reporter published a story with claims that Otedola Fewa is mentally unstable. Tolani’s attention was drawn to the defamatory story and she has taken to her Instagram page to school the reporter for using such insensitive language to describe her brother’s autistic nature.

See her post below

At the main Taruma cemetery, a new area has been opened where undertakers were digging rows of graves and now just trenches for five coffins at a time.

The Taruma mayor’s office said the city’s funeral system was collapsing and running out of coffins.
In Rio de Janeiro, cemeteries have accelerated construction of above-ground vaults to entomb deceased patients.
Undertakers in Manaus even resorted to burying coffins one on top of the other this week, but the city stopped the practice after grieving relatives protested.

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