Wednesday 20 February 2013

Murphy Afolabi In Paternity Mess

The handsome yoruba actor, Murphy Afolabi is currently in big mess as his mistress alleged him to be the father of her baby.
According to the mistress known as Busayo, Murphy Afolabi proposed to me. At first, I was reluctant, but after troubling me for a while, I agreed to date him and he had sex with me flesh to-flesh. After that day, I started feeling some how and the test I did revealed I was pregnant. The I told him I was pregnant and he started fooling me by saying having sex with me once can’t result in pregnancy. He said he’s not responsible for pregnancy and i should abort it. I refused to do according to his advice because we don’t do such in my family. When I am not a fool, why won’t I know the man who impregnated me? I am no longer interested in him , but all i want from him is that he should agree to take responsibility over his daughter.

But Murphy Afolabi in his reactions denied the claims says is not real. I can’t claim that I don’t know the lady. I happened that she came to location with her friend who was like a mother to her, and I was the director of the film. The girl was clinging herself to me but I tried as much as possible to avoid her. I didn’t make lover to her, so why should I be held responsible as the father of the baby? It doesn’t take me anything to claim the child but i don’t know anything about the pregnancy and i am not ready for any marriage for now. Murphy ranged.

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