Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Photo: Cheating couple forced to walk Unclad as neighbours watch

Source: Myzimbabwe

Pandemonium reigned supreme in Entumbane suburb in Bulawayo when a middle aged woman was forced to parade naked on the orders of her husband who reportedly caught her red-handed allegedly playing the feel good hormone pumping game with her married boyfriend.

The theatre of the scandalous game, which happened on Tuesday last week, was the couple's matrimonial bedroom.

The busting came after neighbours who grew suspicious of the man, Daiton Ndlovu's regular visits to the couple's place during the absence of her husband only identified as Undertaker, tipped off the later who swiftly reacted on the day in question. The married Daiton is reportedly staying close to his rival's house.

The heart-broken Undertaker, after calling his wife's aunt to witness the incident, is alleged to have ordered the two to walk out of the bedroom stark naked if they wanted to be spared a thorough hiding and they complied. The pair, who quickly pleaded guilty remained rooted to the ground , while profusely pleading for forgiveness but the inconsolable Undertaker reportedly could have none of it. He pushed them out of his bedroom.

So embarrassing was the incident that the woman, Sikhonzile Ndlovu, was forced to walk nude alongside her boyfriend who was also in his birthday suit on the dusty roads of the suburb.

Residents, who responded from all directions of the suburb to witness the abomination, were gleefully making rude gestures and shouting obscenities at the disgraced lovebirds.

Among the mob of excited residents who were following the drama, was Daiton's wife and his in-laws and the cheating man's wife is alleged to have fainted upon discovering that her husband was one of the characters in the live sex play.

In a video footage shown to our News Crew, some of the residents, especially children, appeared whistling and poking the cheating lovebirds with sticks when they stopped walking with the shamed woman vainly trying to cover her 'pot of honey' with hands.

Failing to stomach further humiliation, the man reportedly ran to his house with residents in hot pursuit. So spectacular and melodramatic was the event that some of the residents who were religiously following it were taking videos with their mobile phones and sickening images are reportedly going viral among residents in the suburb and even beyond.

"Before the embarrassing incident, the woman's husband was tipped off by neighbours that there was a man who was a regular visitor at his house during his absence while at work. Following the tip off, he organised a trap with neighbours who volunteered to phone him if the man visited his house and on the day in question, his prayers were answered when his rival called earlier than the usual time. When the boyfriend entered, a neighbour phoned and Undertaker quickly drove from town and upon entering the house, he could not believe his eyes when he found his wife being given the time of her life by her married boyfriend," said a neighbour who requested anonymity.

When reached for comment, Undertaker CONFIRMED the incident saying emotions failed him and as a result he could not take any action against the two except to parade them stark naked in the suburb.

"My friend I am still trying to come to terms with what happened and on the day in question I could not believe my eyes when I found my wife stark naked in the bedroom with another man. I thank God that I managed to control my temper otherwise I would have killed the boyfriend," he said.

Ndlovu and her boyfriend could not be reached for comment as they were said to have disappeared.

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