Thursday, 21 March 2013

Photos: Girl Raped & Videoed: She Begged Yet The Guys Took Nude Photos Of Her

It is about 18 months now after a video showing the rape of a young lady by five students, allegedly of the Abia State University (ABSU), went viral and sparked outrage across the country.

YNaija has received yet another disturbing video, which apparently shows a young lady being violated by a man in the presence of at least two others who ignored her plea for mercy and continued to trample on her dignity without remorse...

The suspect in the video clip spoke in Yoruba, is light skinned and approximately 5feet 8inches tall.

YNaija cannot immediately confirm the identity of the individuals involved, the location, or its origin, but it is clear that a young woman is being raped and this cannot be condoned or accepted as the norm in any society.
More picture the cut.....

Below is the transcription of the video:......
The video open with an obvious rape going on. The victim is writhing in pain and resisting her assailant (the suspect in the video) who over powers her and forces his way into her. After the unconscionable assault, the following conversations happen.

Victim: Ejoo (Please)
The Rapist: [Talking to his accomplices] – Ma a ya mi mo (Don’t take my pictures anymore)

Victim: Aye mi ti baje (My future is finished)… crying and screaming…
Accomplice 1: Saying something incoherent… (I am not taking the pictures)…

Victim: Continues screaming…
Accomplice 1: ‘Paddy’ mi catwalk (My friend is cat-walking)

Victim: Crying… Ejo eye ya mi (Please, stop taking my pictures)
Accomplice 1: Se mo ya e ni? (Am I taking your pictures?)

Victim: Crying and screaming… (My life is finished).

Accomplice 2: Kai kai (Stop, stop).

The Rapist: Why you dey…?

Accomplice 2: [Interrupts]…Did I say he should not record it?

Accomplice 1: I am not recording it nau (Swears).

Guys: Incoherent arguments…

Victim: Continues to cry, wearing her clothes…

Look at the photos well, if you can identify 'The Rapist' kindly drop clues to help track him and his accomplices. These guys are just so wicked! Let’s all say no to rape.

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  1. Ebenezer Roshidat Oluwakemi on facebook says "infact d guys happens to be my school mate, but he has been realeased after d\then"