Friday, 22 March 2013

Why Rape Is On The Increase - Lagos PPRO

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ngozi Braide, has blamed unwillingness by some rape victims and their parents to prosecute the case for the increase of the crime in Nigeria.
She said this in Lagos on Thursday in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).
She said, “as long as rape victims and their parents refuse to show interest in prosecuting the case, the offenders will go scot free and more of such crime will happen.
“The victims of rape or defilement are the main witnesses the police need to send the offenders to prison.
“The case is a serious offence under Nigerian law. An offender could be sentenced to life imprisonment if found guilty.
“We have many people who should be behind bars for violent crimes against women.
“But because the people concerned are not willing to come forward to assist the police in prosecution, they are walking freely and even committing more of such crime.
“If offenders are not punished, many others will be bold to commit such a crime.
“It is unpardonable for a man to defile his underage daughter. Such experience will remain in the mind of the child for ever. Such a man should be punished as deterrent to others.
“The problem we have is that the same people that reported the case to the police would still turn around to settle with the offender.
“Some women, whose daughters were raped or defiled by their husbands, are the ones pleading for their release. In this case, what do you want the police to do?” Braide queried.
The PPRO called on parents, particularly women, to show concern and stand behind their wards to prosecute rape offenders.
She stressed that if the crime remained unchallenged, there would be the possibility of its increase.
She disclosed further that about four cases of rape and defilement by some men against their daughters were recorded since she assumed duty in Lagos command in the last nine months, and nobody had been prosecuted.
“Parents should know that they are not helping their children by accepting to settle out of court.
“They are killing the future of such children. You cannot quantify the pains encountered by the victims with monetary settlement.
“My advice for women is that they should rise to fight any form of abuse against women, particularly rape and defilement.
“The victims and the minors cannot help themselves; their parents must therefore stand for them.
“The police is willing to prosecute any case if those with useful information about the case would be willing to come forward with evidence,” Braide added.

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