Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Dad-To-Be Has 'Manternity' Shoot Done

Right is a normal pic of the expectant dad.Right is a normal pic of the expectant dad

One expectant mum's refusal to pose for a formal maternity photo shoot has resulted in her husband and his growing tummy taking the spotlight instead, with hilarious results.
After one Reddit user's wife waved off suggestions that she have her pregnancy immortalised in a series of photographs by a professional, her husband decided he'd step in to assume the most typical poses for pregnant women out there.

From a silhouetted photograph against a window with protruding belly and arched back, to sitting with his legs apart eating ice cream straight from the tub, this man encapsulates the stereotypical poses used for women looking to celebrate their pregnancy.
He might have done it to get a laugh, but his photo shoot does raise an interesting question: do professional photo shoots really capture who you and your loved ones are?

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