Monday, 10 November 2014

Drunk Man Falls Asleep Naked On Train, Ends Up On Front Page Of Local Paper

An editor at the Daily Front Row caught this naked drunk snoozing away on the E train, occasionally sipping whiskey, on Thursday night.Photo: Peter Davis
We've all done something out of the ordinary whilst on the sauce, but one bloke in New York took things to a whole new level earlier this week.
Snapped by Peter Davis, this commuter had clearly had a bit too much to drink as he opted to take a snooze on the train home - completely naked, other than a pair of dirty running trainers.

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Now, if you'd made a cock-up (sorry) as bad as this you'd move heaven and earth to track down the photographer and have the image deleted, wouldn't you?
Well, that's now impossible for the unlucky lad because, as you can see above, the picture has made the front of the New York Post. What a nightmare!
So, the lessons to learn from this are as follows:
1) Always sleep with clothes on in public.
2) Beware of cameras. Always.

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