Wednesday, 19 August 2015

10 iPhone Hacks We Bet You Never Knew About!

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Everyone has had a love affair with their iPhones at some point in their life or the other. But little did you know that they were harboring such interesting mysteries to be explored within them. So if you have that iPhone which you love so dearly with you right now, some of these iPhone hacks might completely surprise and delight you.
In this list of iPhone hacks there are some tips, tricks and hacks which are not only interesting but will also come very handy when you are using an iPhone. Some of them are totally going to astonish you, as you might not have even thought such things could be possibly with your iPhone. So read on:

1. Put your iPhone in the airplane mode so that it gets charged more quickly. But remember that while your phone is on airplane mode, you won’t be able to receive or send any calls or texts.
2. Want to know all the details of the planes flying above you? Just ask Siri “Planes Overhead?” and Siri will tell you the destinations of the planes which are flying above and all such details. You can even get to know about flights flying over other cities from Siri.
3. Here’s the biggest news: you iPhone is an Etch-a-Sketch. This means that if you have typed a text or mail wrong, you can just shake your phone (horizontally) up to undo it and start again. This is also applicable when you are editing a photo.
4. Want to know what your favorite Twitterati is saying? Just ask Siri! Yes, you don’t even have to open Twitter for it. Siri will just display a list of the person’s most recent tweets once you say “what’s Edward saying?”
5. Swipe the text messages to view time stamps on your iPhone.
6. Your iPhone lets you control the scrubbing speed of audios and videos you stream. Just move your thumbs down while scrolling, this will allow you to fine tune more precisely.
7. Press and hold the “.” key for typing prefixes such as .com, .org, .net when typing URLs.
8. Struggling to get that perfect 90-degree angle when hanging a picture? Just open the compass app and swipe to the right, to make your iPhone as a level-indicator.
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9. Want to take a series of shots so that you can sort through the one perfect picture? Just press and hold the “capture” button on your iPhone. That’s it! We’ve just made taking Selfies much easier for you.
10. Oh, you are still not finding it easier? Just hold the volume button to take pictures through the iPhone camera when you’re inside the camera app.

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