Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Did You Know That Rats Can Hold Their Breath Under Water And Can Climb Up Your Toilet – Here’s How [Photo+Video]

Yes, rats do climb up your toilet - here's how

Did you know that rats can hold their breath under water for three minutes – and tread water for THREE DAYS?
That’s how they climb up the inside of your toilet.
True story.
National Geographic has put together this nightmarish video that proves rats are the spawn of Satan and can come dangerously close to your behind when you’re on the loo.

The rodents squeeze through the maze of narrow pipe-work by collapsing their rib cages to allow them to negotiate tight gaps.
Their sharp claws mean they can scale almost any vertical surface.
(Picture: National Geographic)
Its rib-cage collapses so it can get through tight gaps (Picture: National Geographic)
Once they’ve found their way into the pipe network under your home, it’s only a matter of time and chance before they get to your bog.

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