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Cruel Carer Caught On Spy Camera Assaulting 87-Year-Old Man And Calling Residents 'F***ing Vegetables'

Carer Brian Cox was caught on camera assaulting an elderly dementia-sufferer 

A carer caught calling residents 'f***ing vegetables' and assaulting an 87-year-old man after the victim's daughter set up a secret camera, has walked free from court.
Pauline Sykes installed the spy equipment in her frail father's room at Laburnam Court Nursing Home, in Salford, after she became concerned over his sudden change in mood.
But she was horrified when she reviewed the footage after six weeks and saw Brian Cox assaulting the elderly dementia-sufferer.
The 49-year-old carer was captured throwing the victim onto his bed using 'inappropriate force' and shoving him towards the bathroom.
He was also heard to remark: 'I am sick of this f***ing place, f***ing vegetables'.
Sparing him jail, District Judge Sanders told the carer he should be 'thoroughly ashamed' of his 'repugnant' behavior.
The 87-year-old victim had been a resident at the care home for three years after his health declined following a stroke and kidney cancer in 2009. He now requires round-the-clock care.
Mrs Sykes, 60, who also works in the care home's laundry department to be closer to her father, said she began to notice something was wrong when the normally 'mild-mannered' pensioner began shouting out at tea-time and didn't want to be left alone in the evenings. 

She decided to buy a spy camera off eBay for £90 and hid it inside an alarm clock in his bedroom. 
But she broke down in tears as she witnessed for herself the appalling reason behind her father's fear.
Mrs Sykes told the court: 'He was pushed from behind. But it wasn't just that, it was the verbal abuse. I looked through all of the footage until I came to the point where he was pushed then I took it to the nursing home manager and said, 'I can't watch anymore'.'

She immediately contacted the care home manager and Cox was arrested and immediately suspended. He was later sacked from the care home. 
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The 49-year-old was captured putting a pillow over the face of an elderly pensioner and shoving him towards the bathroom
The 49-year-old was captured putting a pillow over the face of an elderly pensioner and shoving him towards the bathroom
'I was so very angry at what Cox did but the sentence is what I expected. I wanted him to go to jail so he could be frightened like my dad is,' she added.
'My dad and I are very close. He is my best mate. I'm so glad I set up the camera so Cox was caught out. I think all nursing homes should have CCTV. CCTV should be brought in now. Not only for the care of residents but for the care of carers because they get falsely accused of things all of the time.' 
Cox claimed in the footage that he was disappointed with the conditions in the home, but District Judge Nicholas Sanders said that was no justification for 'taking out his frustrations' on elderly residents.

At Manchester Magistrates' Court, Cox, of Blackley, Manchester, was handed a 15 week prison sentence, suspended for 12 months after he admitted two counts of assault. He was also ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work and pay £165 in costs.
Judge Sanders said: 'There can be few more repugnant offences than those which involve the abuse of elderly and vulnerable people by those upon who they rely for care.
'The victim was in that care home for his care and you abused the trust which he and others put in you. I have seen the results and heard the results.
He was was captured throwing the elderly victim onto his bed using 'inappropriate force'
He was was captured throwing the elderly victim onto his bed using 'inappropriate force'
The victim's daughter had set up the secret camera in her father's alarm clock after becoming concerned about his sudden change in behavior 

'Clearly this is something out of character.
'During the course of the footage, which I have listened to, you express frustration about the conditions at the care home and I have no doubt that that was an underlying cause. It certainly does not justify taking out that frustration upon those who you care for.
'This was a case where you roughly handled him. Roughly - and thankfully - not more than that.'
He also warned that it was likely that Cox would be barred from working with vulnerable adults in the future.
'You should be thoroughly ashamed of your behaviour,' he added.
Despite the shocking abuse Mrs Sykes insists she will leave her father at the care home which she said was once again safe after Cox was sacked. 

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