Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Letter To The New Ooni Of Ife In Waiting - Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II - By Bola Olalekan

Dear Ooni Ojaja II

Many congratulations on your successful selection as the Ooni of Ile-Ife. While we await your coronation, I would like to use this medium to respectfully sound some advice into your royal ears. Ile-Ife is a special town to the Yoruba people, the first footfalls at the sacred Ile-Ife were those of Oduduwa when he descended from Ikole Orun to Ile Aye. I am happy firstly that the combination of your names is pure Yoruba, unlike Alake Ladapo Ademola II who happily added 'Samuel' to his name during colonial rule.

The throne at Ile-Ife is majestic, an exalted one every Yoruba reveres immensely. Once the crown touches your destined fortunate head, you become a living 'Irunmole', you attain the title; Arole Oduduwa. You will begin to represent our progenitor as the custodian of Yoruba culture and values. You will be prostrated to (with their chest touching the floor)by everyone in Yorubaland, or anyone who comes across you. May I humbly advise that as you become the number one citizen of Yorubaland, you will become a role model to virtually everyone, it is therefore imperative and vital that you renounce with immediate effect any religion you may follow that contradicts the religion of your ancestors, or that contradicts the moral principles of the throne of Ooni. Kindly take a cue from the antecedents of your predecessor, Olubuse II as per religious leanings, relating this to Alaafin who stormed Islamic prayer ground to observe Eid with his wives, falling short of expectations of an Alaafin. Your title; Ooni is lesser to no monarch on earth. Please, do not travel to London to take selfies at Green park, comparative to Alaafin who left the palace at Oyo-Ile with his entourage of wives, Oyo-Ile where Oranmiyan, Ajaka, Sango, Aole Arogangan reigned was deserted for London by the royals as they were seen queuing for selfies at Buckingham Palace.

Do show no prejudice to political matters, particularly, those that have no effect on the Yoruba people.

May Olodumare bestow you with infinite knowledge to engage the tasks saddled with the throne. May your reign bring good fortunes to Yorubaland, Ase!

We await the release of your lineage Oriki so we can praise you oftentimes like we did to Olubuse II. Many congratulations again.

By: Bola Olalekan

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