Saturday 30 April 2016

"My Candid Take on Tiwa Savage's Reply" - Channels Television Presenter, Gbenga Ashiru

While things have obviously gone messy between the couple, I feel my take can be quite instructive especially for young men and ladies who look at them as role models. There is always room for decorum, I wonder what they both stands to gain by telling the public what's actually mean to be their private affair.
It's sad that a lot of marriage of convenience take place these days without realizing the implication that no matter how desperate you are for marriage you don't have the right to drag an innocent person (the Child) into such conspiracy.

This is obviously a case of culture thrown to the dogs. I expected Tiwa though being a lady that she is plus the public condemnation her hubby's outburst had received to have exercise restraint rather than giving the public a free amusement show, the truth about it is that the public doesn't genuinely care, the reactions are just the nature of men to eavesdrop into the lives of others.

Now this is where it particularly worries me and that's about the damage done to the future of the child.

Now both parents have put the innocent child in a vulnerable future, he would have to deal with scorns from rivals and mischief makers there by blurring his future prospects if he intellectually stands at an advantage.

While I don't support divorce, I reckon that sometimes it may be expedient for both parties to go their separate ways if the union is no longer meaningful but those successful union are product of patience, sacrifice and real tolerance, which is missing in today's couple.

Unfortunately the mothers who had endured marriage to raise good children now misleads their children not to endure.

If you never left your hubby, why are you encouraging someone else to leave.

The truth is that it has left all the parties involved vulnerable, I read Tiwa's comment and if it's true , am worried where she said her friend was asking her about the next step, what an opportunistic statement.

This could mean some people have been waiting to have direct access to Tiwa and had seen her hubby a stumbling block.

Don't get me wrong, this is not to hold brief for a reckless hubby and a possible addict if Tiwa's Savage's claim is through but if an emotionally unstable man could take to the social media and you are doing the same thing, then what makes you better.

Finally and a candid advice to today's lady, watch who you marry, cos marriage is not a bed of roses.

Marriage is not a solution to your insecurity, take your time to find a worthy partner because ten years of been an old layer is better than one day of a miserable marriage.

From Gbenga Ashiru

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