Tuesday 26 April 2016

Shocking Footage Shows Housemaid Caught On Camera Pouring Urine In Her Employer's Orange Juice. [Photos+Video]

This is the sickening cctv image of an housemaid allegedly caught on video pouring urine into a cup of juice meant for her boss. The drink was requested by the head of the family the woman works for in what is believed to be Kuwait. 

According to local media reports the family had become suspicious of the maid, for undisclosed reasons, and installed a secret camera in the kitchen. 

Speaking to local news outlets, the head of the family, who chose to keep the identity of his employee secret, revealed his shock when watching the footage back. He also sent a message of warning for other local people to be cautious of the behaviour of their maids. 

It is unclear whether the maid was fired by the family following the incident

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