Wednesday 27 April 2016

Survivor Recounts How Lack Of Fuel And Medicine Killed The 6 Ekiti State Doctors (Photos)

Narrating his experience to Vanguard on his sick bed, he said;
“I am one of the delegates for the National NMA Conference taking place in Sokoto.
On our way, we decided to follow through Kaduna and stop so that we would continue our journey to the conference the following day.
We were about 60km to Kaduna when the accident happened. We were in a bus that seats between 15 and 16 person.
But we were 13 in the bus, including the driver. Aside the driver, we were all doctors. This was on Sunday, April 24. As we were approaching Kaduna, suddenly a tire burst.
The bus somersaulted. This was around 4:45pm. When the accident happened, some of us came out and people came and tried to help in the rescue effort. I came and I found out that I did not have any fracture or serious injury.
By the time the members of the Road Safety Corps came, some doctors that were severely injured had died. Five of them! But, we have two who could still survive. So we rushed them to the nearby hospital (Doka General Hospital, about 70 km to Kaduna).
At the hospital, I was surprised when they said that there was no doctor there.
I was even telling the nurses, ‘ok give me a pain reliever and let me put you through on how to resuscitate that man that was lying near me. But none of them attended to us.
They were just running around, saying there was no this, no that. They were running around looking for this and that.
Then I pleaded with the Road Safety to take us to the nearest hospital away from the one we were.
I said they should take us to Suleja, Kaduna, wherever, but the Road Safety said that they didn’t even have fuel. I told them that it was ok, that I would pay for fuel.
So we left the place in search for fuel and bought the fuel on the road. But, before we got to the hospital (St. Gerard, Kaduna) the other person had died. That made the number of deaths six.
The other very injured person, who was in the other bus also died, making the casualty seven”, he said

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